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About VoicuHello Everyone And Welcome To My Website !

My name is Voicu Ionut and I am natural bodybuilder.

Sports in general, and bodybuilding in particular, have been my passions since I was 13 years old. There have been nearly 25 years now and in this period, I have managed to enlarge my knowledge and skills in bodybuilding. In consequence, I have achieved the results I have always dreamed of.

A Small Story About My Sport Life

I want to be 100% frankly with you. When I realized that body building is what I want to do in my life, my parents, unfortunately, didn’t support me. I am not mentioning this now in order to judge them, no. I even want to point out that I have loving and caring parents. I am saying all this with the only purpose, which is to reveal my story in detail. Moreover, I was very disobidient and rebel boy and many times I have given a lot of headache to my parents.

Despite the lack of support from the side of my parents, I have continued to train without their knowledge. Many times I choosed not to go to school and use the time in order to train rather to study.

Me personally, I was born and grew up in Romania. At those times, there where no gyms here with performant equipment, so, I have been training independently. Alone, in the garden, in the open space, and I have been making the equipment by myself. One day, I even invented some sort of bags which I filled in with sand and tied them to my legs. In order the bags stay unobserved by others, I was wearing large sweatpants.

Of course, being young and unexperienced, lacking a good mentor’s hand, I have made many mistakes. These mistakes I figured out later on, when I had the opportunity to seek for advice from somebody who had knowledge and experience. I was so much passioned about this type of sport and eager to achieve results, that I have made this happen despite all obstacles. But the most important thing is that my results have been achieved by 100% natural way.

This means that I have never taken and will never ever take anytime in the future steroids. Steroids, as you may probably now, are chemical substances that are designed to help human body to achieve results in a very short period. But at the same time they have multiple negative effects and thus, are very harmful for the human body or organism.

In fact, they are even considered to be forbidden substances and if we talk about sports professionals that take part in competitions, they are not allowed to take them and are being dismissed fo using steroids.

I Want To Help You

By creating this site, I want to make my story known to the whole world. And I want to help all people who are willing to construct a beautiful body shape, without having to commit the mistakes that I have once made.

My own example shows that if you have a desire, a dream, and you are willing to take action, and be consistent, it is possible to achieve your sports goals in 100% natural way, without having to resort to steroids. The experience that I have gained over the years and the accumulated knowledge allow me now to beautifully shape any type of body.

If you still have an unaccomplished dream in terms of shaping your body and a strong desire to change things, all you need to do is to action towards your goal !

I invite you to have a site tour, make your own research and  if you ever have a question or misunderstanding, leave me a message in the comments section, I will be more than happy to hear from you !

Talk to you soon,

Ionut Voicu

Founder of Train Your Body With Voicu


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