12 Best Weight Lifting Gloves For Men – 2019 Review


Sometimes, weight lifting sport may be dangerous for you. It is completely natural that when you are performing strength training exercises, you start to sweat a lot.

Thus, due to your wet palms, you can easily slip down a dumbbell which can cause injuries to your hands and wrists.

Needless to say that you can even slip it on your leg. That is why it is good to wear protective gear while your weight lifting workout.

Weight lifting gloves are one of the most important gears. A good pair of gloves will keep your hands dry and will help you to prevent slipping of weights. It will also protect your palms from the creation of blisters and calluses. 

In today’s post, I am going to give you some tips on getting the right pair of gloves for you, as well as will go over the best weight lifting gloves for men.

Tips On Choosing The Right Pair Of Gloves

1. Think About The Purpose of The Gloves

The thirst thing you want to do in order to get the right pair of gloves for yourself answers the question: What is the purpose of the gloves for me?

Weight lifting gloves provide a good grip on the bars as well as help protects your palms from the formation of blisters. If you just want gloves to maintain the dry state of your hands, then you can use gloves that are made from neoprene. If you lift heavy weights, then leather gloves will be the best option.

2. Consider the Amount of Wrist Support

If you are planning to use gloves for light weight lifting, then you can buy a pair of gloves that cover only your hands. For heavyweights though, choose gloves that wrap around your wrists.

In this way, these gloves will support your wrists and will help you with your lifts. You may also want to consider including straps to your gloves. Gloves with long straps provide maximum support to the wrists.

3. Choose a Better Material

You can find different materials from which weight lifting gloves are made, like neoprene, nylon, latex, and leather.

Leather and neoprene gloves proved to provide a better grip than nylon gloves. Leather gloves also prevent the formation of blisters.

You can also go for gloves made from latex material. They will not only provide good grip on bars but also help remove moisture from your hands.

4. Try Them Before You Buy Them

I recommend you first try weight lifting gloves on yourself, before deciding to buy one. You may want to go to a store and try out different types of gloves. 

When you know for sure what type and size better fit you, you can easily order one online. Thus, you assure that you will not get any surprises when you receive your order. 

5. Pick the Right Size

It is very important to choose gloves that perfectly fit your hand size. You might not get a good grip on the bar if your gloves are too big for you. This can be harmful to you, as the weight can slip from your hand and cause injury. Usually, leather, as well as the neoprene lifting gloves, should stretch and fit your hands properly.

6. Look After Open Finger Gloves

If you choose completely closed fingers in the gloves, this may cause an abundant sweating, which in turn, can lead to loss of grip. Instead, open finger gloves help your fingers remain dry and let them breathe inside your gloves. This results in a better grip on the bar.

7. Consider Your Workout Level

There is absolutely no need to choose an expensive and professional pair of weight lifting gloves, if you are just starting out with your workouts. You may need them further as your training sessions get more intense and heavy.

Best Weight Lifting Gloves For Men

1. Cobra Grips PRO Weight Lifting Gloves by Grip Power Pads

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Neoprene Material
  • Adjustable Wrist Wraps
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

This pair of gloves is my favorite one. Guys from Grip Power Pads are making cool weight lifting gloves since 2009 and they definitely know what they are doing.  

If you choose Cobra Grips, you will never have to use anymore lifting straps, gloves, wrists supports, and hooks. Cobra Grips take the place of all that!

Cobra Grips allow the weight you are lifting to rest on the base of your hand and not on your wrist. 

Cobra Grips are manufactured from high-quality neoprene material. They are designed for those who work out regularly and will serve you quite a long period of time.

These gloves are one size. They are able to fit all sizes due to adjustable wrist straps. 

Cobra Grips are cool as your hands are not completely covered. They also allow you to spin them around, so you never have to remove them in order to have a drink or perform other non-workout related functions in the gym. 

If you are not satisfied for any reason with Cobra Grips, you can benefit from a 100% money-back guarantee. All you have to do is just send it back for a full refund!

Click the link below to check out what other customers are saying about this product: 



2. Atercel Weight Lifting Gloves




Key Features:

☆Ergonomic design
☆Anti-slip silicone gel pattern on the palm
☆Breathable mesh fabric inside
☆A toweling panel on the upper
☆Soft foam pads
☆Breathable and Lightweight
☆Easy to put on and take off
☆Innovative finger design offers a natural, flexible fit

Atercel brand is a start-up that focuses on innovative humanized design. Their gloves are made of lightweight, breathable and stretchy material, that increases flexibility, comfort and fit.

These gloves are ideal for general workout, exercise, weight lifting training, and cycling.

This pair of gloves are designed with a pull loop system that makes them easy to remove. You can easily wipe away sweat due to a toweling panel on the back of the glove.

The soft fabric inside fits the front of the hand in order to keep your palm cool and dry during all workout.

Guys from Atercel are sure that you are going to love these gloves so they have in place 100 % satisfaction guarantee.

You can exchange them or return for a full refund, without having to answer any question.  

There are hundreds of customers that are using Atercel weight lifting gloves. If you are still not sure about them, click the link below to see what they are saying:



3. New Ventilated Weight Lifting Gloves by Fit Active Sports




Key Features:

  • Silicon Printed Neoprene
  • Full Palm Protection
  • Built-In Wrist Wraps
  • Velcro Extra Tight Grip

These premium weightlifting gloves cover the entire palm. The thumb of your hand is also protected.

They are made of silicon printed neoprene, which is a high-quality material that is resistant to water, dangerous chemicals, oils, heat, and aging. All these make it long last durable pair of gloves.

If you decide upon this pair of gloves, you are going to experience uniquely designed weightlifting wrist wraps that are incorporated into this New Ventilated Weight Lifting Gloves.

This is going to give you excellent wrist support so you can easily perform your weight lifting workout.

The wrist wraps are tightened and loosened with Velcro, which provides you the ability to adjust to your personal comfort.

The open hand design also provides extreme comfort, giving your hands the ability to breathe while doing intense workouts.

This means for you less sweat and more ventilation, no bad smelling and no need to often wash your pair of gloves. This way, you get longer lasting gloves.

If for whatever reason you don’t absolutely love your Fit Active Sports weightlifting gloves, you are free to return them for a full refund. Or, if there is a problem with the product, you can replace it with another model.

Click the link below to review this product yourself and see what other customers are saying about it:



5. Nordic Weight Lifting Gloves



Key Features:

  • Ergonomic Unisex Design
  • Incorporated Wrist Wraps
  • Leather Material
  • Breathable mesh
  • Great Customer Support Service
  • 1 Year Free No-Hassle Replacement Guarantee

Nordic Weight Lifting gloves feature a functional breathable mesh that allows your skin to breathe and prevents sweating.

The palm area is made from a leather material that ensures added grip and comfort when lifting.

Nordic Weight Lifting gloves are perfect both for beginners as well as experienced athletes for a variety of exercises. They are also unisex, so both men and women can wear them!

If you decide upon this pair of gloves, you are going to experience a great customer service that will take care of you from the first point of order.

They are going to email you to ensure you are not having issues with receiving the product and with its use.

They also provide a no-hassle replacement guarantee during a whole year after purchase! 

As there is no image available for this product at the moment of writing this review, click the link below to see how Nordic Weight Lifting gloves look like: 



6. Trideer Workout Gloves by Trideer



Key Features:

  • Silica Gel Palm for the Best Grip
  • Universal Purpose Gloves, including Weight Lifting
  • Adjustable Strap for Wrist Protection and Perfect Fit
  • Made with Ultralight microfiber
  • Breathable Mesh
  • 3 Colors
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

This pair of gloves is made with silica gel that provides a good grip on a bar and effectively protects your hands from calluses.

Treeder Workout Gloves are universal. They are suitable for any type of exercise, including weight lifting, pull up, fitness, gym training, and general workouts. 

They are also suitable for both men and women. This pair of gloves are available in three colors: black, purple and pink. 

If you decide upon Treeder Workout Gloves, you are going to make your workouts comfortable and easy. They are made with high-quality ultralight microfiber and breathable mesh on the back which keeps your hands dry.

You can easily take off this pair of gloves due to a pull buckle on the fingertip.

Once you decide to become Treeder’s client, they will properly take care of you as a customer. Treeder provides a 30-day no-hassle returns, 12 months warranty and lifetime customer service.

Click the link below to take a closer look at this product:



7. Mava Sports Cross Training Gloves by Mava Sports


Key Features:

  • Palm Leather Padding
  • Integrated Wrist Wraps
  • Strong Grip
  • Comfort
  • Silicone Grip Layer
  • Unisex
  • Seven Different Colors

Mava Sports Weight Lifting Gloves have palm leather padding that is designed to protect your palm from blisters and calluses. 

Weight Lifting Gloves from Mava Sports have integrated wrists wraps so you don’t have to worry anymore about wrists injuries and instead, can focus better on your workout.

This pair of gloves are suitable for both beginners as well as more advanced athletes and trainers. It is also universal in terms of gender, meaning that both men and women can use them. Mava Sports have designed it in seven different colors so anyone can find a preferred pair of gloves for themselves.

In case you are for any reason unsatisfied with Mava Sports Weight Lifting gloves, there is a 30-days-guarantee, during which you can benefit from free exchanges and returns if needed. 

If you want to take a closer look at Mava Sports Weight Lifting Gloves, simply click the link below:



8. ProFitness Ventilated Cross Training Gloves



Key Features:

  • Enhanced Grip
  • Silicone Padded Palm
  • Breathable Nylon Glove Body
  • Stability Wrap
  • Sweat Resistant
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Versatile Uses
  • Six Different Colors
  • Suitable for Both Men and Women
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

ProFitness Ventilated Cross-Training gloves are made with breathable neoprene that helps to reduce sweat and keep your hands dry and free from calluses and other injuries.

Silicone-padded palms are incorporated into this pair of gloves, to improve your grip strength. Thus, you have better control over lifting dumbbells, barbells and free weights.

ProFitness Ventilated Cross-Training gloves features an attached and adjustable wist wrap to ensure your comfort and reduce tension on your hands during your weight lifting workout.

ProFitness Ventilated Cross-Training gloves can be used for various types of training, like standard cross-training, powerlifting workouts, rope climbing and other indoor or outdoor exercises.

These gloves are unisex and are made in six different colors, so both men and women can make use of them.

ProFitness workout gloves were designed to provide more functionality, ease, and comfort on your hands. If you don’t find all three attributes fit these gloves, you are free to return them within 60 days for a full refund.

There are many customers out there that are completely satisfied with this ProFitness Ventilated Cross-Training gloves. Click the link below to learn from their experience:



9. Lebboulder Workout Gloves


Key Features:

  • Optimized Comfort
  • Built-In Wrist Support
  • Extra Leather and Silicon Padding
  • Strong No-Slip Grip
  • Money-Back Guarantee

Lebboulder Workout Gloves are slim, breathable, half-finger, having a lightweight construction that makes your hands feel great even after hours of an intense workout.

This pair of gloves have built-in wrist support represented by long and sturdy wrists straps. These will help you keep your wrists safe during your next trip to the gym.

Lebboulder Workout Gloves will help you avoid calluses and other skin related injuries due to soft padded palms.

With Lebboulder Workout Gloves you can lift heavy weights confidently without fear of slipping bars and dumbbells.

These gloves can be used in multiple ranges of workouts and sports, including chin-ups, pull-ups, weightlifting, deadlift, squats, bench press, cycling, bodybuilding, pilates, cardio exercises and many more.

If you decide to buy Lebboulder Workout Gloves and for any reason, find yourself unsatisfied with this product, you can benefit from a full money-back guarantee.

Click the link below to take a closer look at these gloves and see what other customers are saying about them:



10. RIMSports Weight Lifting Gloves

Key Features:

  • Functionality
  • Versatility
  • 100% Leather and Spandex
  • Unisex
  • Unique Double Velcro Latch 
  • Fingerless
  • Washable
  • Double Stitched
  • Six Different colors

RIMsports weight lifting gloves are made from breathable material so your hands won’t overheat, while the padding on the palm protects from blisters and calluses and helps you to hold your grip.

These weight lifting gloves are loved by both men and women because they are made from lightweight material that allows you to have a comfortable workout. The wrist padding keeps your wrist securely in place.

You can use this RIMSports’ Wrist Wrap Weight Lifting gloves as men and ladies gloves, as they are made in six different colors and give you the freedom of choice!

These lifting gloves are designed with no slip contact padding to give a firmer hold when gripping your handlebars or lifting your dumbbells.

RIMSports weight lifting gloves are fingerless and are made from breathable material. This actually means for you less perspiration accumulated and the quality wrist wraps keep your wrists steady lifting free weights.

This Wrist Wrap Weight Lifting gloves will last for you a long time because it is made with 100% leather and spandex.

RIMSports lifting gloves men are washable (both hand and machine), so you can maintain its original high quality for many years to come.

These gloves are true to size, but if you are between two sizes, choose the smaller size.

If all I have said about this RIMSports weight lifting gloves is not enough for you to make a decision, click the link below and see what other customers are saying about them:



11. Leather ZED Steel Sweat Weightlifting Gloves

Key Features:

  • Genuine Leather
  • 2 Colors (Black and White)
  • Double Durable Stitching 
  • Washable (hand wash)
  • Long Wrist Wrap
  • Grippy Palm Pads

ZED Weight Lifting Gloves are made from leather and provide enhanced ventilation.

Thus, your sweat is left to evaporate and your hands stay dry while you workout, providing you with a comfortable feeling that prevents irritation of your skin and formation of calluses or sores.

The back of the glove is covered with soft genuine leather for a premium look and comfort.

If you are in-between sizes, I recommend you to choose the larger of the two sizes. These weight lifting gloves can be hand washed as you most probably don’t like stinky gloves!

You can easily remove these gloves after your workout as they have pull tabs and thumbs on fingers. They are also equipped with an anatomically padded palm that is designed to strengthen your grip when lifting.

Super long integrated wrist wraps will support your wrists to stabilize your workout performance.

Leather ZED weightlifting gloves are double stitched that add up extra protection and endurance. These gloves are half-finger padded with finger expansion for a comfortable fit for all finger sizes.

Take a closer look at Leather ZED weightlifting gloves by clicking the link below:




12. Harbinger Pro Wrist Wrap Weightlifting Gloves 


Key Features:

  • Vented Cushioned Leather Palm
  • Integrated Wrist Wrap
  • 1/2 finger-length increases contact for better grip
  • Wrap-around thumb protection
  • 90 Days Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Hand Wash and Air Dry Only

Harbinger Pro Wrist Wrap Weightlifting Gloves have integrated wrist wraps that help to stabilize wrist joints with adjustable pressure and provide support when you perform your strength training.

In order to reduce sweat, the palm is vented with genuine leather. Wrap-around thumb protection covers the inside of the thumb with a second layer of leather to protect against abrasion.

Harbinger Pro WristWrap Weightlifting Gloves are double-stitched to provide enhanced durability.

Harbinger brand provides 90 days warranty so if you get unsatisfied with this product, you have the right to return for a full refund.

Take a closer look at Harbinger Weight Lifting Gloves and what other customers are saying about them, by clicking the link below:



Final Thoughts

A good and right pair of gloves can help you to avoid a lot of problems caused by weight lifting. They can also help you to increase your reps without putting too much pressure on your hands. 

I hope you have enjoyed my review of the best weight lifting gloves for men. If you follow the advice given in this post, you are more than likely to enjoy a good and safe training session.

If you have any questions or thoughts, please share them in the comments!

My best wishes to you,

Ionut Voicu

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