CarboFix Supplement Review – Is Matt Stirling’s Fat Burner Worth Buying?

Welcome to my CarboFix Supplement Review. Today, I will dive into the facts and details about this supplement and let you decide whether this product is beneficial for you or not.

It’s commonly known that most people around the globe suffer from problems with overweight and obesity. According to the World Health Organisation, in 2016, 39% of adults aged 18 years and over (39% of men and 40% of women) were overweight. While overall, about 13% of the world’s adult population (11% of men and 15% of women) were obese in 2016.

If you are reading these lines right now, chances are that you are amongst these people and looking for a solution for yourself or maybe you have a close friend or a relative facing these problems and you want to help them find a way out and get into a better shape.

Most probably you have already tried all of the different diets like Keto, Paleo, Low Carb, Low Fat, eating more fruits and vegetables but no matter what you eat, you can never lose weight. There’s something going on behind the scenes and the problem might be in your metabolism, especially if you are over 50.

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If that’s you, then CarboFix might be right for you because, according to their sales page, this product is able to “turn on” your metabolism in a matter of just 3 seconds to burn stubborn fat like crazy.

So, what’s the trick here, and what’s the secret? Let’s dive into this product to find out together!

CarboFix Overview

Product NameCarboFix
Product TypeCarbohydrate Management Formula/Supplement
OwnerMatt Stirling
PriceCheck Here
Official Website
My Rating9 0ut of 10

What is CarboFix?

As you have already seen in the Overview section of this post, Carbofix is a weight loss and fat-burning supplement that works with your metabolism. It’s an all-natural product based on plant extracts that don’t contain any harmful chemical ingredients.

CarboFix was introduced by Matt Stirling and his team and is supplied to the market by the Gold Vida company based in London.

CarboFix Supplement Review - The Product

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Who is Matt Stirling?

If you know me, I always like to see who are people behind a product I’m reviewing here on my blog. This gives me a lot of information about the product itself and reasons for whether to give my credit or not.

CarboFix is not an exception today and I have made my research about the people who introduced this product to humanity. It’s about Matt Stirling who is a certified fitness training and coach. You can meet him and his lovely family in the image below:

CarboFix Supplement Review - The Owner

Matt studied health and fitness at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario. He owned his own performance fitness and training studio for over 8 years, and for the past 16 years, he has managed to train and consult with tens of thousands of women and men all over the world, using his unique yet highly effective fat-burning secrets.

Matt is witnessing that his clients call him the “metabolism guy” because that’s what he is obsessed with, figuring out why some people have sky-high metabolisms that burn fat around the clock, while others can gain a pound just looking at a slice of pizza.

After stumbling upon this new breakthrough scientific research, along with a trip to a tiny village in Ecuador to visit his vibrant and energetic 99-year old grandma-in-law, Matt has found the key to turning on your metabolism whenever you want, in a matter of seconds, and it works no matter what your diet is, how little you exercise, or how old you are. It’s all based on human biology.

CarboFix Supplement Review - Matt and His Mother-in-Law

How Does CarboFix Work?

So, what’s the secret behind CarboFix? It all starts with a NEW protein enzyme that targets abdominal fat. Matt calls it a “metabolism switch”, but the scientific name for it is AMP, which stands for Activated Protein Kinase.

What’s most important that it was scientifically studied by researchers and doctors, and you can find publications about it in some reputable sources like Life Extension Magazine.

CarboFix Supplement Review - Scientific Research Sources

When this enzyme is activated in our bodies, it’s able to speed up even the slowest metabolisms, but also has other health benefits such as improve cardiovascular health, help improve Type 2 diabetes, and even extend lifespan.

The problem is that most of us have it turned off. Especially for people who have 15 or more pounds to lose, have more fat around your stomach than would want to have, have cellulite, flabby arms, a belly pooch – it’s a clear sign that the AMP pathway isn’t working right.

More than that, as we age, our body naturally produces less AMP. That’s why people who are over 50 and above usually start to get bigger and fatter.

CarboFix contains special compounds and one of the main actions of these compounds is to activate AMP. In the next section, I will go through each of the CarboFix ingredients to show you what exactly this product contains and how these compounds are able to activate AMP.

What’s Inside CarboFix? – The Ingredients

According to the product label, here are the exact ingredients of CarboFix:

  1. Berberine
  2. True Cinnamon
  3. Alpha-lipoic acid
  4. Chromium
  5. Benfotiamine
  6. Naringin
CarboFix Supplement Review - Label Facts

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What Does the Science Say About CarboFix Ingredients?

What’s interesting is that all of the CarboFix ingredients were scientifically studied and have shown real results in activating AMP, reducing bodyweight, as well as providing other very important health benefits, like managing blood sugar and lowering cholesterol.

For example, in a study published in the journal Diabetes, it states that “Berberine reduced body weight and caused a significant improvement in glucose tolerance without altering food intake”.

CarboFix Supplement Review - Berberine Studies and Results

The next ingredient is Cinnamon Bark.

Cinnamon Bark is, in fact, known as “True Cinnamon” and it’s considered to be of better quality than regular cinnamon and it’s also less common.

Like Berberine and other ingredients of CarboFix, True Cinnamon was carefully studied and the results of these studies (published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry) shown that Cinnamon bark regulates the enzyme AMPk to prevent cells from being filled with fat”.

CarboFix Supplement Review - Cinnamon Bark Studies

The third ingredient in CarboFix is Alpha-lipoic acid. 

According to a study published by the National Centre for Biotechnology Information, alpha-lipoic acid increases insulin sensitivity by activating AMPk in skeletal muscle.

More than that, it’s also been shown to reduce body weight and increased fatty acid oxidation (which, in simple terms, means fat-burning process).

CarboFix Supplement Review - Alpha-lipoic Acid Studies

The fourth ingredient of CarboFix is Chromium which is an essential mineral that is able to increase the amount of AMP in skeletal muscles. This, in turn, positively impacts glucose metabolism in skeletal and heart muscles, while also helps lower blood sugar levels.

But what is most interesting is that most people who have tried to lose weight and keep it off, fail because of feeling hungry and strong food cravings.

In this regard, an 8-week study shown that by taking 1,000 mg of Chromium daily, it’s possible to reduce food intake, hunger, and cravings in healthy overweight women.

The fifth CarboFix ingredient is Benfotiamine. Simply put, this is a B vitamin that can help with reducing pain, and inflammation levels, as well as prevent the damage of cells.

Did you know that inflammation is one of the main triggers that stop your body from burning fat?

Most of us are walking around with extremely high levels of inflammation in our bodies, around our belly, and around our organs. If we manage to get rid of that inflammation, it’ll become much easier to shed that extra weight in a faster way.

The last CarboFix ingredient is Naringin.

This is a flavonoid that has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects which can be beneficial for the treatment of such health conditions as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and metabolic syndrome. And that’s possible namely because it helps activate AMP.

How to Take CarboFix?

The directions of use, according to the CarboFix label, are as follows: take 1 capsule with your two largest carbohydrate-containing meals of the day.

In other words, start with one capsule about 30 minutes before your first meal in the morning, and another one 30 minutes before dinner.

If you wonder how long should you take CarboFix in order to see results in fat-burning, please note that this is a dietary supplement based on plants and you need to take it for at least 30 days before any results will show up.

However, in terms of food cravings, most people notice a difference within the first 24 hours.

How Much Does CarboFix Cost?

There are three options you can choose from in case you decide to buy CarboFix. As you can see from the image below, CarboFix sells now at a discounted price, and the more bottles you order at once, the lower is the price you pay for each of the bottles.

CarboFix Supplement Review - The Price

For example, if you decide to buy one bottle of CarboFix (which is a one-month supply), it’ll cost you $49, and you’ll save $50.

As I have mentioned earlier, most likely you’d want to use CarboFix longer than one month and that’s why the second option is most popular with CarboFix. If you chose this option, you’ll get a better price, which is $42 per bottle, and you’ll save $171.

The third option is called “Best Value” because by ordering 6 bottles at once, you get the best price ever for CarboFix: only $34 per bottle, and you’ll save a whopping $390!

CarboFix PROs&CONs

Things I Like About CarboFix

Natural Supplement

Like I have already said, CarboFix is a completely natural supplement that contains only plant extracts. Therefore, it’s safe to use and shouldn’t produce any side effects.

However, like with any dietary supplement out there, it’s always recommended to check with your doctor so it doesn’t interfere with any medications you might be taking at the moment or any special health condition you might have.

Let’s You Eat Your Favorite Foods

If you are a sweet tooth, or you like to eat pasta, pizza, etc., while still burning fat, with CarboFix this becomes possible. You no longer need to follow any crash diets.

Money-back Guarantee

CarboFix supplement comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the results you get, you are free to request a complete refund and get all your money back (less shipping costs) within 60 days of your purchase.

Things I Don’t Like About CarboFix

Available for Online Purchases Only

There’s only one website where you can buy the CarboFix supplement. It’s not available only in any local stores or other websites.

Not Suitable for Everyone

For example, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you mustn’t take this product without a doctor’s consultation.

Claims You Can Burn Fat Even Without Exercising

There are some claims that you can burn fat even if you do nothing, sitting on a couch all day long which, in my opinion, could be difficult to achieve.

You have to be willing to be active, practice sports for at least 30 minutes per day if you want to achieve your weight loss goals.

Final Thoughts

All in all, CarboFix is a powerful carbohydrate management formula that is aimed to help you in your weight loss journey.

You may be able to lose weight and burn fat by taking just two capsules of CarboFix per day before your meals and seeing results in as little as three days in terms of food cravings.

The formula contains only natural ingredients and herbal extracts that help maintain healthy blood glucose levels supports a keto diet and claims to activate the AMP switch in your body.

The product focuses on boosting body metabolism as a way to cause a reduction in weight and burn fat without any harmful side effects.

Gold Vida is Matt Stirling’s London-based company that deals with the manufacture of health supplements. Matt Stirling has been the former owner of a training and fitness studio and he has launched this product with his knowledge of exercise and nutrition, and the science to burn fat through carb management. Matt Stirling has been through an amazing weight loss journey himself already that inspired millions of people and you can find more about it on his official website.

CarboFix is also backed by a money-back guarantee which makes it a risk-free bargain for you. It’s great to have this opportunity to try it and be able to return it and get your money back if you feel it did not help you.

In this article, I gave you all the information that you will need to know about CarboFix. So, don’t forget to share with me in the comments section down below if you decided to try CarboFix and how it has started benefitting you!









Overall Quality



  • All-Natural
  • Money-back Guarantee
  • Let's You Eat Your Favorite Foods


  • Available Online Only
  • Not Suitable for Everyone
  • Claims You Can Burn Fat Without Exercising

4 thoughts on “CarboFix Supplement Review – Is Matt Stirling’s Fat Burner Worth Buying?”

  1. Hello, thank you, I have finally found a good review.

    I was looking for a product for a very long time and I didn’t find one that is plant-based. It’s really good to know that it is for weight loss and fat burner.

    You talked very simply and I easily understood about this product ingredients, about how it’s work on our body. One more thing I like is a very good price range but the bad thing is I can buy only online not in local stores.

    For me it is a very good choice because it’s natural and you also have a money-back guarantee, I would be very happy to take this.

    Thank you for your good review to make me understand more. Take care.

    • Hi, Manu, thank you for dropping by and leaving your feedback.

      I’m glad that you have enjoyed it. The downside about its availability online only could be turned into a plus if you are looking at it from the perspective of the comfort you are getting when purchasing online and there is no need to go elsewhere to pick up your product, it’s being shipped directly to your home address.


  2. A very well written article on CarboFix and if it works as effectively as claimed in countering carbohydrates and the resulting weight gain, then it is indeed a product to consider. The money-back-guarantee certainly makes the decision process easier.

    My solution for weight loss currently is to take a high-quality natural plant-based protein supplement in capsule form daily, called Humapro, which unlike whey protein, etc. contains hardly any calories.

    This can be taken on an empty stomach (in fact recommended) and alongside this, I follow intermittent fasting during which I only consume water that contains electrolytes. When I do eat I make sure that the meal I consume is of the highest quality possible after which I again follow the intermittent fasting principles.

    This is only a temporary strategy I will follow until I have reached my target weight, which will be the weight that will reveal the six-pack I used to have. 🙂


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