Carnivor Protein Powder Review: How This Helped me to Put on 18 kg of Muscle Mass (With Photos)

Welcome to my Carnivor protein powder review!

If you are on this page, most probably, you are looking for information about Musclemeds Carnivor beef protein powder, and most importantly, you would like to hear from a person who actually tried this product and want to see whether it helps to build muscle mass or not.

Alright, if so, then, my friend, you have come to the right place because, in this article, I will tell you how this beef protein supplement has helped me to put on around 18 kilos (!) of lean muscle mass.

What is Carnivor and How I Found It?

First of all, let’s get to know what is this product all about?

So, Carnivor is a brand of MuscleMeds American company that specializes in high-quality sports nutrition.

MuscleMeds has been around for over 10 years now and all their products are third-party tested by

Carnivor is a protein powder that has been extracted from a pure beef source, and therefore, it contains a great deal of anabolic muscle-building amino acids.

I myself got to know about this product when I was living in France.

At those times, I met a French guy Luke who later became my friend and actually he introduced me to this Carnivor beef protein powder.

He is a professional culturist and he was consuming Carnivor and seeing great results out of it.

He knew that I am practicing bodybuilding very actively and recommended to try this product. The results I got simply amazed me!

Beef meat is one of the most recommended foods for athletes, but I personally don’t really like to eat beef and that is why when Luke recommended me to try Carnivor beef protein powder, I said: “This is what will help me to replenish my lack of consuming beef meat!”.

Let’s take a look at the supplement’s content to see what exactly MuscleMeds Carnivor protein powder contains:


Carnivor Protein Powder Review


As you can see yourself, Carnivor beef protein powder delivers 50 g of proteins per serving, which is a way more than many other beef protein powders out there.

This fact solely makes this protein powder really powerful in terms of muscle-building properties.

Besides that, Carnivor beef protein powder is loaded with Creatine monohydrate, L-Glutamine, BCAAs (L-leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine), but honestly, along with Carnivor, I was taking creatine additionally.

Among other things, Carnivor protein powder delivers 125 carbs, 3 g of dietary fiber, and 720 calories per serving.

The good news is that it doesn’t contain sugars, cholesterol, it’s gluten-free, lactose-free, and GMO-free.


  • 350% More Concentrated than Beef Steak and More Concentrated than Whey Isolate;
  • Larger Amount of Protein per Serving;
  • Loaded with Creatine monohydrate, BCAAs, and L-Glutamine;
  • Sourced from Hydrolyzed Beef Protein Isolate (which is considered to be the most quality and the purest form);
  • Free from Sugars, Cholesterol, GMO and gluten;
  • Doesn’t Contain Dairy Products and for this reason, it is Perfect for People Suffering from Lactose Intolerance;


  • Taste is Better than Other Protein Powders I have Tried; I used the Chocolate Fudge flavor and yes, it tastes a little sweet, but still, the taste is acceptable;
  • Carnivor is Available in different Flavors so that anyone can find a product according to his own liking and taste. These flavors are Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Vanilla Caramel, Strawberry.
  • Carnivor is Available in Different Package Sizes: 6 lbs (14 servings), 10 lbs (25 servings), and 15 lbs. I find this thing great as it allows to choose the right package size according to the fitness goal, as well as budget.




  • No Unflavored Version of this Product;
  • No Money-Back Guarantee Provided.

The Price/Value

If we’ll take the cost of one serving of Carnivor beef protein powder, we’ll get around 3 bucks. Just think this way: 3 bucks to get 50 g of pure protein!

If you would go to get this amount of protein from the beefsteak, with the average amount of 20-25 g of protein per 100 g, you would need to eat 200-300 g of beefsteak at once.

Carnivor Protein Powder Review

This may not seem like a lot for someone who likes eating beef, but don’t forget that unlike Carnivor protein powder, 100 g of beefsteak brings along around 80-90 g of cholesterol and around 10-11 g of fats.

Now, I am not trying to hold you down from consuming beefsteak, not at all!

Just I want to say that in order to get that amount of protein that Carnivor delivers, you will have to eat around 500-600 g of beef daily, with the associated cholesterol and fat content.  

Overall, I want to say that with the great results that this beef protein powder delivers, I think it’s a great value for the price if you’re looking to build muscle.

My Results with Carnivor Beef Protein Powder

Here are some pictures of mine after I have started consuming Carnivor:


Carnivor Protein Powder Review


It’s a pity that I didn’t take the before picture to show you the difference, but at those times, I haven’t even in mind to create a blog like this one.

Now, I will take care of taking more Before/After photos in the future. 

I am a Mesomorph type of body with relatively low height (174 cm) and I was able to put on around 18 kg of lean muscle mass after about three months of consuming Carnivor beef protein powder. 

I was taking one serving about 30 minutes prior to the workout, and one more serving a little after I have finished the training.

As I have mentioned above, I was taking Carnivor together with Creatine monohydrate. 

If you are reading my blog, you probably may already know that I am crazy about working out, and generally, I workout six days a week. 

Besides the protein supplementation, I follow a properly nutritious diet (this is not a problem for me since I am a real gourmand :).

Concluding Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed reading this review about Carnivor protein powder. It is a great beef protein powder which I highly recommend to anyone looking to build muscle mass.

Even if you are working out fewer times a week than me, it is still possible to see the increase in muscle mass, with the proper diet and enough rest.



If you have any questions or thoughts about the above aspects, or you have something to add or share your story, please leave them in the comments section below and I will get back to you asap.

If you liked this article and think it might be useful for someone else too, please share it with your friends and family through social media channels.

Stay Fit!

Ionut Voicu

14 thoughts on “Carnivor Protein Powder Review: How This Helped me to Put on 18 kg of Muscle Mass (With Photos)”

  1. Hi Voicu,
    WOW! I suppose there would be no point offering you an arm wrestle? Great results using the Carnivor Protein Powder and now I am tempted to buy it myself. I was just Googling what is Carnivor Protein Powder and found your article and so thank you very much for saving me much time in finding other information as you it all covered.

    I like as well that this is a real customer review of Carnivor Protein Powder which I find to be much more trustworthy and legit.

    Thanks again Voicu!

    Regards, Philip

    • Hi, Philip!

      I would do that arm wrestling with you with great pleasure, buddy!

      Thank you for your kind words and appreciation, I am glad you have found this useful, and if you ever decide to try Carnivor, I would be happy to see you coming here back to share your own results!

      Thanks again for reading!

      Ionut Voicu

  2. Thank you so much for this awesome review!

    We developed Carnivor beef protein for people just like yourself, who wanted the nutrition of beef without the fat and cholesterol.

    We are always happy to read success stories like this.

    Keep up the good work!

    The MuscleMeds Carnivor Team

  3. I am very happy that I encountered your review about Carnivor protein powder, because my boyfriend is struggling to put on lean muscle mass – nothing seems to help. I love the fact that this protein powder is sugar and GMO free. I will share your post with my boyfriend, hopefully it helps him the same way it helped you!

    • Hey, Katja,

      For sure, feel free to share this article with your boyfriend and with anyone interested to build up muscle.

      I really hope it will help your boyfriend put on lean muscle mass, with the amount of protein this powder provides, it really could be cataloged as a weight gainer that is highly recommended for skinny guys.

      I look forward to hearing from you about your boyfriend’s results, so please, if he ends up consuming this beef protein powder, come back here and share the results!


  4. Hey thank you for the awesome post!  When I use protein powder, my go to has always been Myotein.  However, after seeing how much protein you get per serving from Carnivor, I might actually have to switch over!  That is a lot of protein!  I like that it shakes well in blender bottles, because that is typically how I make my shakes.  Very simple, milk and powder mixed in a blender bottle.

    • Hi, Jessie,

      Thank you for dropping by!

      It’s wonderful to have a go-to product, and sometimes, it’s useful to try out new ones. I am glad that after reading my review, you would consider trying this awesome Carnivor protein powder.

      If you do so, please feel free to come back here to share your experience!


  5. Hi Voicu! Excellent product review! 

    To be honest, I am very interested in this product. Because of similar products, often provide less protein. So, to build muscle, it becomes less effective. But, with this product it seems to be more effective.
    However, my question is, after consuming Carnivor Protein, can it makes you feel full? Because often after the gym, I consume protein and still hungry. As a result, I have to eat carbohydrates again.

    • Hi, Asmadi,

      That is very good that you are feeling hungry after you have finished your workout  and that is one of the real indicators that you have pushed hard in the gym.

      Of course, in essence, consuming Carnivor protein makes you feel full, but what I would recommend is to eat normally, regular food first and foremost, and after that, supplement your diet with protein shakes.

      This is applicable for both pre and post-workouts meals and protein intakes. If you do the other way around (i.e. consume protein shakes before your main meals, chances are that you will feel full and will not want to eat your dinner/launch, which is not normal in my opinion).

      I hope this helps!


  6. I must say that this is a very nice and detailed review on Carnivor Protein Powder, and I love it for the fact that you’ve had a first-hand experience of the product.

    I work out too, 5 days a week. And after I read through your post, I in no doubt think that this beef protein powder would be a good product to build muscle mass considering the many benefits it brings. I’ll go for it.

    Thank you for this informative article.

    • Hi, Kell,

      I am glad you have found my review interesting, thank you for reading!

      If you are planning to try this awesome beef protein when you have a minute, please, come back here and share your experience!

  7. We keep dealing with the misconception of being in desperate need of animal protein to gain muscle. I’ve been vegan for less than a year and I’ve never performed better after dealing with the fact of the amount and type of vegetables you eat (much more grains than ever before).

    My vegan habits have definitely affected my bodybuilding time response (that brings me here!).

    Your review is quite comprehensive and common sense drove, I’ll definitely give it a try.

    Thanks a lot for this review.

    • Hey, Juan!

      Thank you for your comment!

      Yes, I know there are plenty of bodybuilders out there that have managed to build up muscle from vegetarian sources of proteins.

      Honestly, I think that it might be a way to go for some people and in fact, I acknowledge the numerous health benefits of not eating products of animal origin.

      Unfortunately, I have always felt difficult to go vegan because when I don’t eat enough animal protein, I start to feel weak and forceless. I don’t know whether it is my physiological speciality or just the established eating habit, I have still to figure this out. 


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