How to Get Big Muscles Fast (In Just 6 Weeks!) – MI-40 CEP Bodybuilding Training Program Review


If you are on this page, I bet you are looking for ways to build muscles fast. Well, this is great because you have landed on the right place!

In this post, I will tell you how to get big muscles fast, in just 6 weeks of training.

Welcome to my MI-40 Extreme 2.0 CEP Bodybuilding Training Program Review.

What is the MI-40 All About? – Bodybuilding Program Overview

Author: Benjamin Pakulski

Full Name: Extreme 2.0 Cell Expansion Protocol (CEP) MI-40

Type: Fitness Training Program

Price: $77

Recommended: YES

My Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Who Is Ben Pakulski?

Ben Pakulski, also nick-named as Pak-Man, is a Canadian IFBB professional bodybuilder.

He has been participating in a number of bodybuilding competitions and he is the winner of the 2008 Mr. Canada competition.

Ben Pakulski has been witnessing in one of his interviews that he decided to stop his bodybuilding career because he felt he had accomplished his goal in bodybuilding and this also coincided with the period when he became a father of two awesome kids.

If you never heard about Ben, here is a quick video that introduces into his world:


Nowadays, Ben Pakulski is making broadcasts on various media channels sharing his tips & tricks in nutrition and training.

Ben Pakulsky is the author of many training programs, and one of them is the training technique called the MI-40 System (Mass Intelligence 40 System).

MI-40 Bodybuilding Program In Detail

MI-40 is based on a University-verified Cell Expansion Muscle Building Protocol that stimulates the production of a highly unique super recovery muscle helper cell, called satellite cells.

Satellite cells are cells made by your body to help repair muscle damage.How To Get Big Muscles Fast

Imagine that each of these balloons that you see in this image represents one of your muscle cells.

If you manage to get these cells bigger, YOU will get bigger, and I bet you know that already.

The important part here is to understand that your muscles grow while you are resting, not while you are working out in the gym.

What you do in the gym is you stimulate your muscles for growth, literally you create premises for their growth, and the growth itself occurs while resting period with proper nutrition.

That is why working out for long hours is useless and that is why this fitness program is focused on short-period workouts (up to 40 minutes).

CEP Training produces far more satellite cells than traditional training. That means you recover much faster. And faster recovery means faster muscle growth because a muscle only grows during recovery.

The number 40 is fundamental in this system: 40 exercises, 40-second rest intervals between sets, 40-minute workouts, and the duration of the program itself is 40 days.

This number is not accidental; Pakulsky finds a physiological justification for each of these parameters.

Focus on Feeling the Muscles Work

Instead of struggling with heavyweight, Paculski advises focusing on feeling the muscles work.

Weights used in this training are 60% of the maximum.

Ben, being a certified specialist in the biomechanics of exercises, teaches his clients to perform movements exclusively with the help of target muscles, completely eliminating the associated muscles from work. One muscle group is worked out up to 3 times a week.

Pakulsky explains this high frequency by the fact that weights are not maximum, and more frequent training is required to consolidate ideomotor skills.

Focus on Medium Weight

When athletes develop automatism in performing exercises with the right technique, Ben recommends working to failure with a weight of 60% of the maximum, the frequency of working out the muscle group decreases.

The number of workouts per week is 5. In one day, 2 muscle groups are worked out. If possible, Ben advises dividing the workout into 2 parts: one in the morning, the second in the evening.

The main thing in this program is the way you lift during your last 4 minutes of an exercise that makes ALL the difference in results you get.

It takes a whopping four minutes per exercise to automatically trigger the CEP response. These 4 minutes create 200% more muscle gains.

You use the 4-minute CEP Training Principle to force every cell in every muscle into a hyper-recovery mode.

Here is proof that this fitness program has been university studied and verified:


How To Get Big Muscles Fast

Who is the MI-40 System For?

The MI-40 program is designed for natural athletes of all levels: beginner, advanced or pro, who want to maximize their results in muscle gain. 


What You Will Get Inside?

CEP Training is extremely specific to each body part. What works for biceps definitely will not work for chest, back or legs.

That is why this fitness program has been detailed in the next sections:


How To Get Big Muscles Fast This is a 5-minute short video where Ben will walk you through to get you started using CEP in your very first workout.

This video reveals the secret of CEP training.


After you discover the foundation, this Application Guide will show you how exactly you can apply the secret to your training.

This guide will show you how to bring theory to reality in simple words that everybody can understand in order to start getting the best results ever.


Good results start with good nutrition.

How to Get Big Muscles Fast If you ever wonder what is best to eat and when the cutting-edge principles laid out in this guide will provide the building blocks for your insane transformation.

This guide will be your go-to resource in nutrition plan and something you can refer to over and over again.

4. SUPPLEMENT GUIDEHow to Get Big Muscles Fast

This guide not only tells you what are the best supplements for muscle growth, it tells you when to take them in a whole range of different situations.

Including lack of sleep, pushing harder in the gym, and even if you are on a budget, you will get it all covered in this guide.

You are going to be able to find all you need easily and quickly so you can get reputable products, proven to work, to help you start gaining more muscle fast.

5. FAQ GUIDEHow to Get Big Muscles Fast

This guide includes all your questions answered, all the info you need so you can spend your time making progress.

The FAQ guide covers the most common questions from people testing the program and broken them down in detail.

This Guide you can quickly reference at any time, so you can spend more time doing and less time sitting around trying to figure it out.

6. WORKOUT SHEETSHow to Get Big Muscles Fast

The most intelligent muscle-building workouts, that you can even print and take with you to the gym.

No matter your level is: beginner, advanced or pro, there is a workout for anybody.

The Workout Sheets include 3 levels of workouts that will kick your butt, but leave you wanting more!

These are the workouts you want to surpass anything you have ever done in the gym and cause muscle growth that transforms your body in 6 short weeks! Time to take things to the next level!

Every part of the body is covered in this guide, as well as every exercise, and every detail is spelled out for you so there is absolutely zero guesswork needed on your part.

With this Exercise Execution Guide, you will always know exactly what to do, and precisely how to do it.

The Execution Guide is your exercise bible for recreating your physique from head to toe using super-simple, common sense, no BS-style instruction that has only one goal in mind: Your most muscular, ripped, and perfect body!


How to Get Big Muscles Fast This guide is a learning curve for many, but an ideal primer for all.

A world-class program such as MI40-X requires world-class attention to detail to get the most out of it.

If you want to make sure you possess the most optimal form, that you are on the road to having a world-class MIND-MUSCLE connection just like the elite-level pros, you want to run through this program!

This guide, in combination with the training videos and execution guide, will provide ideal preparation for MI40-X.

After this, you will be ready to hit the ground running and soon making the GAINS of your life!

8. 7-DAY DETOX DIET GUIDEHow to Get Big Muscles Fast

This guide not only tells you what to eat and when to eat it, as the Nutrition Guide does.

The 7-Day Detox Diet is specifically designed to prepare your body to maximally use every mg of nutrition and supplementation you take as you run through the MI40-X program.

This part is extremely important because if your body isn’t efficiently using what it gets, then do you expect your results to be optimal? Of course not.

The 7-Day Detox Diet is a perfect companion to the Primer Phase.

I recommend you run this program for up to 3 weeks before jumping into MI40-X.

Although, even if you are just too excited and just can’t wait that long to begin the program, even a week on this diet will have you well on the way to achieving results you didn’t think possible!

This diet is a great addition to your nutrition arsenal away from the MI40-X program too.

You can use it for one week out of every month to optimize your health and to increase the chances of success on any other program you may decide to engage in the future.


How to Get Big Muscles Fast

You want to look like a man who lifts weights, right?

Inside, you will discover the methods of training you absolutely must avoid if you want to actually look like you lift. 

10. Private Access to MI40 CEP TRAINING VIDEO LIBRARY 

With this feature, it is literally like having Ben be your personal trainer on every exercise, so you can be 100% confident you are doing the CEP training to get all the benefits.

Each video focuses on one body part, so you can pick and choose which body parts you most want to focus on.

We are all individuals, and we are all constructed differently, and therefore, every one of us needs a different, individual approach. Somebody wants bigger arms right away, other legs, or chest, back. 

No matter what you want to focus on, you have got it all covered in this Video Library.


Why it is important to have access to the Video Library? Well, because CEP Training cannot be done for every exercise, only specific exercises use CEP Training.

If you try it on the wrong exercise, you will end up getting nowhere, or even worse.

That’s why you need the entire set of training videos, to make sure you use only the CEP-approved movements.


Anybody Can Benefit From This Fitness Program

CEP Training Program is suitable for newbies athletes, as well as advanced and pros. It contains helpful advice in nutrition and workout for anybody, regardless of the level of physical activity.

Build a Considerable Amount of Muscles In a Short Period of Time

The whole program lasts 6 weeks and this is the time needed to build an impressive amount of muscle mass, 200% faster than with traditional weight training.

We are talking about you adding pounds of lean muscle every week. Not every month, every week.

You can add 10, 20, maybe even 30 pounds (in fact, as much as you desire) of rock-hard muscle in just the right places.

Building an Amazing Body NATURALLY

This is the main thing I like about this program is that it is based on a healthy lifestyle and nutrition.

In fact, this is the purpose of my blog is to prevent you from anything illegal and harmful to your body and health. 

With MI-40 CEP Fitness Training Programm, you can build an impressive body without having to use illegal substances (aka steroids), isn’t that amazing?

Less Time in The Gym

MI-40 CEP Fitness Training Program focuses on short period workouts, 40 minutes maximum for each workout.

This means that there is no need to spend countless hours in the gym, trying to build an impressive physique. 

The rest intervals between sets are also short: only 40 seconds, which again, shortens the workout time as a whole.

Burn Body Fat & Obtain Lean Muscle – At the Same Time

Obtain Lean muscle body because this method of training automatically burns body fat.

This fitness program helps you get leaner and bigger at the same time. Your body will use its own body fat as a source of energy.

Suitable for At-Home Workouts

Although there are some exercises in this Fitness Program, that could be done only using equipment that is available in the gyms only, the most part of the exercises can be easily integrated into home workouts. 

Money-Back Guarantee

Ben is providing 60 days money-back guarantee after the purchase.

The program itself lasts for 40 days, so you have enough time to claim your money back if you feel the program didn’t bring the results you have expected.


Doesn’t Take Into Consideration Your Own Individual Needs 

Now, this is obvious. Although the program includes all the necessary and helpful information in terms of nutrition and workout, it has not been designed with YOU in mind.

It doesn’t take into consideration your individual parameters, fitness goals, maybe, the injuries or traumas you may had in the past, etc., etc. 

If you want a more personalized approach, then, this Program may not be for you and it is better to consider a personal trainer instead.

The Price

The price for this Fitness Program is $97 one-time pay.

Taking into consideration that prices for a gym membership are typically much higher (may get to $500 per month), and an online personal couch costs anywhere from $100-$220 per month, this is a good bargain.

Final Verdict

Overall, the MI40X program is very practical for anyone looking to increase their body composition, strength, and maximize their workout density.

The MI40X program decreases fat-mass and increases lean body mass, skeletal muscle hypertrophy, power, and strength.



I have found this Fitness Program resonating pretty much with the principles I have been following in my workouts and this is the reason I have decided to write this MI-40 Fitness Training Program Review.

If you are interested to learn more about this, read my article about Best Way to Gain Muscle Mass – 12 Tips That You Didn’t Know.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my review about CEP Fitness Training Program and now, you know better how to get big muscles fast.

If you have any questions or thoughts about the above aspects, or you have something to add or share your story, please leave them in the comments section below and I will get back to you asap.

If you liked this article and think it might be useful for someone else too, please share it with your friends and family through social media channels.

All the best,


MI-40 CEP Bodybuilding Training Program






Overall Quality



  • Building an Amazing Body NATURALLY
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Less Time in The Gym
  • Suitable for At-Home Workouts


  • Doesn't Take Into Consideration Your Own Individual Needs 

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  1. This program looks interesting, and I like that it focuses on medium weight instead of one-rep max or 90% like other programs do.

    As a personal trainer, I’m just not comfortable recommending the use of heavyweights to inexperienced people.

    Access to the video library is a great asset as well, it’s my favorite part about other training programs.

    • Hi, Flynn,

      Thank you for dropping by and for letting me know your thoughts!

      Bodybuilding is a great sport that requires a step-by-step approach and I completely understand why you don’t want to recommend using heavyweight lifting to other people.

      I hope to see you here again reading more of my content!


  2. Awesome program. I’m amazed to see how much content you get for only $97!

    I agree with you completely, it’s not so expensive when you take into consideration all you get with MI-40 System.

    The list of benefits is mindblowing.

    By the way, great review. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

    • Hi, Catherina,

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