How to Improve Your Bodybuilding Workout – 10 Common Mistakes in Bodybuilding

We are all humans and this is the main reason why we often do one or another thing incorrectly. This may happen due to lack of knowledge, experience or just because we are sometimes careless.

In this post I am going to talk about 10 common mistakes in bodybuilding workout that people tend to do, especially if they are just starting out with their training.

I will also be offering some solutions and advice, so that you can avoid these things and improve your overall results.


1. Lack of a Structured Training Program – Have a Plan !

This is the most common mistake that many bodybuilding beginners do. They train chaotically in a complete disorder. If your goal is to obtain a good-looking well-defined body shape, you will need to train almost all muscles in your body, or, at least, the main groups. If you will be focusing only on one group of muscles, you risk obtaining a disproportionate shape of body.

But you definitely don’t have to train all muscles at once in one training. Moreover, you will not even be able to do it physically as you will get exhausted very quickly. Not to mention that this approach will not bring you any result.

Spend more time to find the right training program for you. In the beginning you may need to write them down and take with you to the gym. That is completely fine and don’t be shy to check it while you are performing your training as this only means that you are very serious about your training.

You will not need to check your list as you will be moving forward, because one day you will understand that you have it in your mind. At this point you may consider yourself way advanced compared to people who don’t follow a plan.

Follow your plan rigorously and the results will not be delayed to show up. Having such a program will help you visibly grow your muscle mass.

2. Wrong Execution of Training Exercises – Do Your Training Correctly!

Correct execution is vital to the effectiveness of exercises. If an exercise is not done correctly, the muscle that you are supposed to work out is being little stimulated. In the misdirected move, several parts of the body are involved and several joints are used. Excessive use of certain joints leads to inflammation and, in worse case, injury.

That is why it is highly recommended in the beginning to learn the execution technique for each exercise. You can ask for a specialist coach or even watch some video recordings to learn the correct execution. Smaller weights and a perfect execution of the movement guarantee a beautiful and constant muscle growth.

3. Over Training and Insufficient Time Between Training Sessions 

The other biggest mistake that I have personally done myself when I was just starting out to train my body is that I was training too much my arms. I was making countless sets in hopes of making big winnings.

Remember: training the same muscle group for hours is wrong ! The problem is that once you reach a certain point, your body does not react anymore to training and you will not see any gain. In some cases over training may be regressive and your muscle may lose the gained size.

A minimum of 72 hours is needed to recover a muscle, so that it can be requested again in the training. That is why it is not recommended training the same group of muscle each day. Afford enough time for your muscle to recover. Bodybuilding-Workout

It is also important to take into account that some muscle groups are indirectly involved when you are working out other groups of muscles. For example, triceps are involved both when we train the chest at the right bank and when we train shoulders.

4. Lack of Training for Legs

Legs are the foundation of the human body. All power of a body is stored in legs during practicing of any type of sport. When trained properly, legs may become the most massive group of muscles. Bodybuilding-Workout

Proper leg training also greatly helps the other muscle groups by releasing the necessary hormones for growth. Now why is there anyone who does not train his legs? Simple, because it’s hard …

There’s nothing more exhausting than a properly executed leg training. Leg training hurts and is more of a mental workout than a physical training. Do not neglect the largest and strongest body muscles. Train your legs.

5. Lack of Consistency

For visible progress in the gym, there must be perseverance in training, nutrition and recovery. If this essential aspect is neglected, then no desired and expected progress will be observed.

There are enough young people who are extremely ecstatic when they notice new and positive changes in their bodies, such as rapid muscle growth. But when growth comes slower, interest and concentration are lost. This is a critical moment for all those who are practicing muscle building. When initial growth occurs and disappears, the most important issue is consistency and perseverance.

The body will become bigger and stronger only if it wants it too. If the period of relaxation between training is too high, if the training is more and more seldom or nutritional meals are missing, the body will regress and will return to its original dimensions. So persevere with training, with proper nutrition and intelligent recovery and you will see results in the long-run.

6. Lack of a Proper Diet Plan

This seems to be the most common mistake among people who are just starting out their weight-training in the gym. They usually dive directly into training, without considering other important aspects of this sport.

After few weeks of intensive training without seeing any results, many people simply give up. The disappointment is great at this moment.

In order to avoid this situation, read a few articles about nutrition and remember basic information in order to be able to structure a personal diet. The main idea is consumption of healthy food at every meal.Bodybuilding-Workout

It is important to remember that weight-training sessions produce “breaks” of muscle tissue. For a rapid recovery and desired growth, there is a need of nutrient supplementation taken in the right time. So pay attention to what food needs to be taken regularly and develop a well-structured diet.

7. Too Many Nutritional Supplements

The consumption of nutrient supplements is beneficial and recommended when and if a strict training and recovery program is respected. It is completely useless to consume nutrient supplements if you are not doing your training.

Nutritional supplements, according to their definition, are designed to bring an additional value to your diet, in order to complement it or grow the quantity.

Sometimes, people decide to consume to many nutritional supplements just because they are rushing and are body to achieve the desired results faster. This is not a good way to go because chaotic consumption of nutritional supplements will not affect positively your body condition.
In the very beginning of muscle building process, consumption of a powdered protein concentrate is recommended in post-workout nutrition or a protein bar between meals, if you want to supplement the protein requirement. After approximately 5-6 months of training, other nutritional supplements may be included into your diet.

8. Weekend Parties

I think most of us love to party together with our friends in our spare time. But this is definitely not the thing that we want to exaggerate with, because in this way we are going to ruin and lose all that we have achieved at a certain point. One single sleepless night in the club will negatively influence your progress achieved by the hard work you put in.

In most of such cases, protein shakes are replaced by alcohol drinks or cocktails. Or instead of eating chicken with rise we may decide to quickly have a fast-food snack. This is how chances for a progressive growth are being decreased.

In order to achieve the desired results, you have to make some sacrifices and changes in your daily habits. Reducing the number of weekend parties will not seem to you too big sacrifice if you are serious enough about your training program.

9. Too Much Fun in The Gym

Nowadays, we have full access to the newest and most advanced mobile phone devices. This is definitely a cool thing, unless we don’t exaggerate too much with their use.

If you step into a gym, you can easily observe who is serious about their training program and who is not quite that serious. How can you properly execute your training while talking on the phone with your friends or editing a text message during the break between exercises ?

Put your phone aside and focus on what you need to do in the gym. Once you’re done with your training, you can talk to the phone as much time as you like.

What I am tying to say is that it is good to eliminate all things that might distract you from your training. If you do so, you will see that you can become much more efficient in the gym, without having to spend there long hours.

10. Lack of Cardio Training

Many people who just start their muscle building journey tend to not take into consideration the importance of cardio training. They focus too much on muscle growth and think that cardio training is only a method of burning calories and wasting energy reserves. This conception is totally erroneous.

What cardio training actually do to your body is it warms all muscles and prepares them to your weight-lift training. As a result, your muscles will respond more easily and you will see much better result, than if you do not do cardio.
At least three sessions of 30-40 minutes of cardio workout are required per week for a balanced metabolism, for a high appetite and, especially, for a strong cardiovascular system.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the most common mistakes people do in the gym and my advice will help you to improve your bodybuilding workout. If you have any question about this, please leave a comment below, I will be happy to help you out !




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