How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally


Most of the men wanting to have cubs on their abs are dreaming about getting rid of belly fat as well as from the side zones. If you are about to read this article, most probably you are an Ectomorph that wants to get rid of the body fat.

It is indeed true that if you have a big belly but want to have beautifully shaped cubs instead, you will first have to deal with that belly fat stores before proceeding with beautiful abs construction. In this post, I will tell you how to lose belly fat naturally. 

Keep Your Eye on Your Diet

Despite the fact that most obese people tend to justify their magnificent forms by bad genetics, laziness or age-related changes, usually, the most significant factor is excessive caloric intake.

Refusal of flour and sweet products is the first most important step towards getting rid of both a big belly and fat in the lower abdomen.

Unfortunately, burning some extra calories and getting rid of the belly fat with the help of exercise is not an easy task. In fact, one cup of sweet soda is equivalent to a two-kilometer run, that is why it is important to kind of count calories.

In addition, cola, concentrated juice, sweets, and ice cream often contain not ordinary sugar, but fructose syrup, which upsets the metabolism and provokes the growth of subcutaneous fat on the sides.


How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally


Plus, although abdominal exercises are definitely able to improve the tone of the abdominal muscles (which, no doubt, is important in the fight against a sagging stomach), it is important to follow a carb-free diet (keto diet) to get rid of fat stores.

As for fat on the sides – it really burns better as a result of physical exertion.

Trying to remove the belly fat in a week, many people tend to sharply limit the amount of consumed food and begin to literally starve – believing that in this way they will be able to quickly drive the fat away from the sides.

Unfortunately, such a weight loss strategy only leads to a sharply negative response of the body (in particular, due to high cortisol and leptin), as a result of which weight can begin to grow even faster.

The best diet to help lose weight in the abdomen is not “shock therapy”, but a smooth transition to proper nutrition, which contains as many natural foods as possible, as well as foods with a low glycemic index.

Also, the maximum reduction of sweets, convenience foods, and junk food will do you a great favor.


How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally


The right food will help you not only to lose weight quickly but also ensures that the kilograms that were driven out do not go back to the sides.

How To Burn Belly Fat For Men – Make Use of a Concrete Strategy

In order to lose weight, remove fat from the abdomen and lose weight on the sides, you, first of all, need to give up regular sweet snacks and eating excessively high-calorie foods.

Also, pay special attention to the quality of fats in the diet – for example, it is recommended to completely exclude harmful trans fats.

If to speak about specific numbers, following the below rules, you can easily lose 3-5 kg ​​of body weight per month and remove a sagging stomach.

Rule #1. Reduce the Use of Gluten

The most common reason for overeating with concomitant excessive calorie intake and, ultimately, fat growth on the sides is love for foods that contain gluten.


How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally


Even if a person is not allergic to this substance, the presence of a large amount of gluten in the stomach accustoms to the specific feeling of a “full stomach” after eating.

Rule #2. Forget about the Goal of Losing Weight In a Week Time

It is almost impossible to lose a few kilograms in a week without harm to health. If you although successfully cope with this task, then chances are that the loose will return to the sides.

The more specific your goal and your specific motivation, the more chances you have of achieving success.


How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally


You should strive to lose 4 kg per month, and not try to get in shape in a week or get rid of the belly fat before the beach season.

Rule #3. Learn to Understand CPFC Abbreviation

CPFC abbreviation stands for calories, proteins, fats, and carbs. Learn to pay attention to the label of the food that you eat, at least an approximate increase in calories and the composition of the CPFC will help you evaluate whether the food is healthy or harmful to you.


How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally


For example, you will find that certain foods contain too much-saturated fat or quick carbohydrates in the form of sugar.

Rule #4. Gently Move on to Your Workouts

If you have never been involved in jogging, you should not try to sharply accustom your body to a daily run of 30 minutes. The result will be only pain in the knees and not the desired burn of the abdomen fat.

Among other things, many people often tend to overestimate the energy costs from the performed workouts for losing weight – increasing sizes of their meals as a “sports nutrition”, while playing sports.

Rule #5. Exercise at Least 3 Times a Week

Regular physical training not only strengthens the muscles but also normalizes blood sugar levels. In fact, the body is gradually learning to store excess energy not in the form of fat on the stomach, but in the muscles.


How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally


Despite this, it is important to make a difference between the goal of burning excess fat and the goal of muscle gain. Unfortunately, the human body still hasn’t learned how to turn fat into muscles.

Rule#6. Study the Scientifical Materials about Fat Burning 

In order to effectively deal with fat on the sides and hips, first of all, it is important to understand why your body decided to store fat reserves there.

Scientific studies show that there are several types of fat in the human body that are formed due to various types of nutrition and require their own weight-loss strategies.

For example, internal visceral fat (it squeezes the stomach forward) burns out faster when nutrition is corrected.

Rule #7. Strengthen the Abdomen Muscles

Turning to the exercises that strengthen the abdominal press is necessary only after you can hide your stomach under a T-shirt. Remember that any person has press cubes, but for many people, they lie under a layer of fat.


How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally


So, first, you must burn fat, and only then think about how to pump the press correctly.

Belly Fat – Indicator of Body Mass Index

Men having a large abdomen is almost always associated with a high body mass index, which is closely associated with a number of quite serious diseases: from diabetes to high level of cholesterol and problems with the cardiovascular system.

In the end, namely overweight serves as a clear signal that the body’s metabolism is impaired.

Among other things, the negative consequence of having a large abdomen in men is a gradual drop in testosterone levels.

The more fat the male body stores (and on belly in particular), the more this fat affects the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

The result is an increase in fat mass on the chest and hips by females type, a decrease in muscle mass and a decrease in libido.

Change in Habits Will Change Your Body

From the huge number of people who are overweight and trying to burn fat, only a few have prone to fullness genetics.

Even if they really have metabolic dysfunctions, the reason for the growth of the abdomen fat often lies not in DNA, but in eating habits and a chronically sedentary lifestyle.

So, if you want to drive this fat away, you will have to change the established habits.

It is also wrong to assume that an increase in body fat is an irreversible consequence of getting older, affecting all men over thirty.

In reality, a beer belly is very often explained by an appropriate diet and a sedentary lifestyle, just like an inevitable consequence of pregnancy.

There are many examples of girls that successfully got rid of the abdomen fat a few weeks after giving birth.

The Bottom Line

Remember that excessive caloric content of daily nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle are the main reasons for the growth of the abdomen in men.

If you want to get rid of internal fat and a big belly, you must follow a diet consisting of foods with a low glycemic index.

To get rid of fat on the sides and other problem areas, it is important to perform regular physical exercises.

Stay away from too fast weight loss because it is dangerous both for the body’s metabolism as well as for skin health.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post about how to lose belly fat naturally. If you have any questions or concerns, please drop a comment below in the discussion area and I will be happy to help you out!

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  1. Thank you so much for this info!

    Losing body fat is no easy task and trying to rush into it by making it a goal to become an athlete in a week or lose several kilos in a week is a terrible and improper way of going about losing weight.

    I really appreciate the rules you placed for losing fat, they’re thorough and I can actually follow them. I’ve read other websites where they don’t place an actual simple way of going through the weight loss routine.

    That being said, it isn’t easy to lose fat but putting it into a simple routine will definitely make it a huge possibility.

    • Hi, Misael,

      Thank you for your comment, I am glad you have found this information useful!

      This is the purpose of my website and I will be happy if I can help as many people as possible.



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