Is Leptitox Legit?

Hello, again, my dear reader, welcome to my other post! Today, I will be answering the question: Is Leptitox Legit?

Leptitox is proclaimed to help you lose weight and burn fat like no other fat burner out there but isn’t it what almost any weight loss supplement is trying to convince us? Is Leptitox a legitimate product or another overhyped?

I know that you might be skeptical about it, and I was too. That’s why I have decided to fully research this product and give you my honest and unbiased opinion about it. Based on this information, you are free to decide if Leptitox merits giving a go or not.

Let’s check it right now!

Leptitox Overview

Full NameLeptitox Nutrition
TypeWeight Loss Supplement/Fat Burner
Leptitox Official Website
CreatorMorgan Hurst & Sonya Rhodes
Price$59 per Bottle (Product Bundles are Available with Better Pricing Rating7.9 out of 10


Leptitox is an all-natural dietary supplement claimed to help with weight loss and fat-burning processes.

It’s allegedly created by Morgan Hurst and Sonya Rhodes who have discovered another cause of weight gain: leptin resistance.

However, there’s little evidence that Leptitox creators are real people.

Is Leptitox Legit?

What is Leptitox?

Leptitox is quite a popular dietary supplement in the weight loss industry. It contains a powerful blend of natural ingredients known to help you lose weight and burn fat.

This could be obtained by cleansing the body from harmful toxins that we are all exposed to every day in our lives. Leptitox was supposedly formulated by Morgan Hurst in collaboration with Sonya Rhodes although I didn’t find a lot of evidence that these people are real.

The product is manufactured in the USA, in an FDA-approved facility, and in accordance with GMP practices. Bear in mind though that this is only for the facility and not the product itself since FDA doesn’t regulate the dietary supplement industry.

Who are Morgan Hurst and Sonya Rhodes?

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you might have noticed that I always like to research the people who stand behind one product or another. This helps me a lot to understand if the product is worth our credibility and likeability. 

Therefore, Leptitox was formulated by Morgan Hurst, in collaboration with the medical researcher, Sonya Rhodes. 

I didn’t find any evidence that Morgan Hurst has any connection to the scientific or medical world. In fact, Morgan is a firefighter by profession.

In the Leptitox presentational video (which is most likely a transcript to an advertisement, and not Morgan speaking himself), Morgan reveals the story about how he saved his wife’s life with a “5-second hack that kills food cravings and melts 62 lbs of raw fat” during an unexpected trip to Malaysia.

Long story short, he was looking for a weight loss solution for his wife, Grace, who was struggling to lose weight after giving birth to their three children. That was the time when he allegedly consulted Sonya Rhodes and they together put together this product.

While all these things sound amazing, after digging a little deeper, I was able to find only this picture of Morgan Hurst:

Is Leptitox Legit? - Morgan Hurst
Morgan Hurst

There’s nothing more about him. In regards to Sonya Rhodes, there’s a lady with this name but she is a psychotherapist and expert on marital and family relationships. Which is a little different than a medical expert in nutrition and weight loss, right?

So this leads me to the conclusion that Morgan Hurst and Sonya Rhodes are most likely pen names used to advertise and sell Leptitox.

How Does Leptitox Work?

Leptitox is claimed to regulate leptin levels in your body and detoxify it of endocrine disruptive chemicals (EDCs). Just as a quick reminder, leptin is a peptide hormone that regulates energy metabolism. 

Leptin is produced by excess fat that directs the body in terms of alerting when the body has had enough to eat and what to do with the energy in store.

According to the creators of this product, leptin resistance is “guilty” for that stubborn fat, and it is caused by an abundance of EDC in the body.

Leptitox is aimed to assist the body in detoxifying and cleansing itself from these chemicals and toxins. 

What are Leptitox Benefits?

So how does Leptitox positively affects our bodies? Here are some Leptitox benefits I’ve found

* Rapid fat burning in the areas of excess fat storage (especially stubborn belly fat);

* Controls unwanted cravings;

* Improves the basal metabolis rate;

*Strengthens the overall functions of the organs;

*Regulates Leptin levels and helps in easy detox;

*Supports Joint and Bones Health.

What’s Inside Leptitox? – Leptitox Ingredients

Leptitox is a product that is intended for internal use. Therefore, it’s extremely important to look at what exactly it contains.

I was happy to see that Leptitox is an all-natural dietary supplement containing plant-based ingredients.

Here’s the full list of Leptitox ingredients:

  1. Milk Thistle
  2. Apium Graveolens Seed
  3. Jujube 
  4. Grapeseed
  5. Alfalfa
  6. Chanca Piedra
  7. Taraxacum leaves
  8. Brassicas
  9. Barberry
  10. N-acetyl cysteine
  11. Burdock Root
  12. Choline
  13. Chicory root
  14. Methionine 
  15. Feverfew
  16. Turmeric
Is Leptitox Legit? - Supplement Facts

What Does Science Say about Leptitox Ingredients?

Now, it’s great that Leptitox is natural but does its ingredients really help with detoxifying the body and ultimately, lose weight?

The only way to find it out is to look at what science has to say about Leptitox ingredients. Let’s quickly do that.

Milk Thistle 

Milk Thistle, or how it’s also called Silybum marianum extract, has been used in traditional medicine for over 2,000 years. The seeds of this plant contain a complex of bioflavonoids known as silymarin.

Silymarin is known to protect liver cells from the accumulation of toxins and participates in the elimination of toxic substances in the liver.

Like other bioflavonoids, silymarin has a strong antioxidant effect and contributes to the recovery of diseased liver cells.

Recent studies have shown the ability of silymarin to protect the liver in various diseases (cirrhosis, hepatitis, other liver diseases).

Apium Graveolens Seed

The seed extract is mainly used in the treatment of inflammatory diseases. It is believed that they can help eliminate toxins from the body, so they are especially good for gut and arthritis.

They are also used as a mild digestive stimulant.


I love the fact that the creators of this product included Turmeric as its ingredient. Turmeric has numerous benefits for our health, including reducing bad cholesterol levels, promoting the detoxifying process, has anti-inflammatory effects, and works as a powerful antioxidant.


This fruit is rich in vitamin C, astringent, and purifying substances. It helps with insomnia, regulates blood circulation and blood pressure.


According to, grapeseed helps with reducing blood pressure and oxidative stress and improving blood flow. Also, grapeseed may improve collagen levels and bone strength which is very important as we age.

On top of that, grapeseed is good for brain and kidney support.


Alfalfa provides phytonutrients to improve the quality of life. It works as an antioxidant, anti-diabetic, is able to lower cholesterol.

Chanca Piedra

This plant was used by indigenous people to help support kidney function. It also helps with constipation and supports the liver.

Taraxacum Leaves

Taraxacum Leaves, also known as Dandelion, contains potent antioxidants and is known to help with weight loss. It also has properties to fight inflammation and promote a healthy liver.

Is Leptitox Legit? - Pinterest Pin


Brassicas work as a powerful antioxidant that promotes digestive health and supports the immune system.


Burberry is high in nutrients, may help manage diabetes, lower blood sugar, and protect against metabolic syndrome.

N-acetyl Cysteine

N-acetyl Cysteine is known to help with detoxification to prevent or diminish kidney and liver damage.

Burdock Root

Burdock Root is a real powerhouse of antioxidants. It is able to remove toxins from the blood.


This essential nutrient is extremely important for our body since it’s produced in very small amounts by our liver and therefore we need to take it from external sources for proper function.

It’s known to help boost metabolism, supports liver and cell health.

Chicory Root

Chicory root may aid bowel movements, improve blood sugar control, and support weight loss.


This amino acid assists with protein development and help maintain liver health.


This plant may help with a variety of health issues like diarrhea, dizziness, rheumatoid arthritis, and intestinal parasites. However, there are only a few studies conducted on this plant and there’s little or no evidence about feverfew for any other health conditions.

Leptitox creators have linked to several studies on Leptitox official website for your reference:

Is Leptitox Legit? - Scientific Research

How to Take Leptitox?

According to the Leptitox label, the directions of use are two pills per day.

However, they don’t clearly state how and when exactly you shall take it. In the morning, or in the evening, with or without food.

Therefore, this remains for you to decide.

How Much Does Leptitox Cost? – Leptitox Pricing

One bottle of Leptitox dietary supplement is $59. They have also product bundles or packages where you can get more bottles at once and a better price for a bottle.

Here’s how it works:

1 Bottle – $59 per Bottle

3 Bottles – $49 per Bottle (You Save $150 and also get a Bonus – 1 Bottle of Colon Cleanse)

6 Bottles – $39 per Bottle (You Save $360 and also get a Bonus – 2 Bottles of Colon Cleanse)

Is Leptitox Legit? - Pricing

As you can see from the picture above, they list a cut price of $99. While this may seem like a discount price and limited-time offer, I personally think that this is just a marketing trick to entice you to hurry up buying Leptitox.

I urge you to not fall into this trap and if you consider buying Leptitox, consult first with your doctor to ensure it’s in line with your current health condition.

How Many Leptitox Bottles Should You Order for Optimal Results?

It’s interesting how quickly can you see results from taking Leptitox supplement, right? I bet you already know that usually, a dietary supplement isn’t a quick fix and you need to take it for a certain period of time to see any result.

Unfortunately, it’s not clearly stated for how long should you take Leptitox like it’s noted in the Resurge fat burner.

Most likely, you’ll not see results from taking just one bottle of Leptitox which is a one-month supply. Normally, there’s a need for 3-6 months to start seeing results from taking any dietary supplement out there.

Leptitox Complaints and Customer Reviews

When you are considering giving a dietary supplement a try, you don’t know how it will work for you so you are keen to read customer reviews, testimonials, and possibly complaints online. I know this because I usually do this too.

If we look at customer reviews provided on Leptitox’s official website, they are all only positive, exclusively 5 stars rated. This leaves a drop of doubt in my head that these reviews aren’t quite real since dietary supplements usually don’t work the same way for all people.

So I head over to Google and found some reviews on Trustpilot that give me a little bit more objective picture. As of the date of this writing, Leptitox has been rated only 2.4 stars on Trustpilot which is already not that positive. But there are both positive and negative reviews.

Here’s one positive:

Is Leptitox Legit? - Positive Customer Reviews

And here’s one negative:

Is Leptitox Legit? - Negative Customer Reviews

At least, this gives us a more objective and credible opinion, what do you think? Let me know in the comments!

Is Leptitox a Scam?

Finally, we get to the main question of this post: Is Leptitox a legitimate product, or is it a scam? Based on the research I have done, Leptitox is most likely not a scam, although its creators are a bit shady.

But if you’ll decide that Leptitox is right for you, you’ll get a real product delivered to your door house so there’s no scam in it. I have already mentioned that Leptitox is full of potent ingredients that are able to not only help you with weight loss through improving your leptin resistance but also can benefit your overall health condition.

On top of that, Leptitox is backed by a 60-days money-back guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied with Leptitox, you are free to return it for a full refund, even the opened bottles. This makes Leptitox a risk-free bargain that is difficult to not like. Another plus is that you are not paying for shipping like for most products out there.

Other fat burners offer free shipping and I’ve reviewed here on my website are:





Things I Like About Leptitox

Safe to Use for Most People

Due to the fact that it’s 100% natural, Leptitox shouldn’t produce side effects and therefore it’s safe to use for most of us.


Leptitox is a herbal supplement and doesn’t contain any sources of animal origins. This makes it perfect for people adhering to a vegan lifestyle.

Money-back Guarantee

Like I’ve said, Leptitox comes with a money-back guarantee available within a period of 60 days. This gives additional credit to this product that it works in most cases, otherwise, its creators won’t be so confident to provide such kind of money-back guarantee.

Things I Dislike About Leptitox

Available for Online Purchase Only

If you wonder where you can buy Leptitox, you may want to know that it’s not a regular product that you can get at your local drug store. Leptitox is available only on Leptitox official website. 

Creators are Shady

I personally prefer to purchase products from trusted brands that aren’t afraid to show their faces. In the case of Leptitox, unfortunately, we can’t be totally sure that Morgan Hurst and Sonya Rhodes are real people.

My Final Verdict About the Use of Leptitox

Leptitox is a natural supplement that is far better than a medical drug producing a bunch of side effects like phentermine, for example. If I was to decide between the two then most definitely I would choose Leptitox.

However, the story with Leptitox creators makes me a little bit hesitant about this product. If you want some natural fat burners from trusted brands, you may wish to check out my Top 10 Fat Burners List.

Otherwise, you can get Leptitox and see how it works for you. As always, the decision is yours.

There you have it, my dear reader! I hope you have enjoyed reading this Leptitox review, and now you’ve got your answer to the question, if it’s a scam or not.

I always love to hear what you think about the topics I write about here on my blog. Maybe you have any questions or a product you’d want me to review? Drop me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!



Leptitox Nutrition






Overall Quality



  • All-Natural
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Free Worldwide Shipping


  • Creators are Shady
  • Available Only Online

6 thoughts on “Is Leptitox Legit?”

  1. All in all, Leptitox seems like a legitimate product. I don’t like the fact that they use pen names to represent the owners.

    That’s never a good sign. However, after reading through the rest of your review here, I’m sure this is not a scam.

    Moreover, thanks for including those customer reviews as well as the pros and cons section.

    I like that they use all-natural ingredients to make this product.

    Also, a money-back guarantee seems to be working, which is awesome news. Even if I buy it and it doesn’t work, I can still get my money back. Cool!

    Thanks again for sharing this review. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you so much for this helpful product review!

    I’m very familiar with Leptitox, and in my estimation, the uncertainly of the owners and their marketing methodology makes me skeptical of the product.

    As you alluded to, we can’t find a lot of information about the owners-I take this as they have something to hide (either in the type of people that they are, and/or the type of product that they’re promoting).

    I am also wary of “overly positive” customer reviews. While a product may be good (maybe even great), we know that we can’t (and won’t) please everyone; as such, I expect to find at least one or two negative reviews, even if they are somewhat biased reviews.

    In that vein, I would likely steer clear of Leptitox-there are many great, legitimate weight loss products on the market. Great read! God bless you!

  3. Hi Ionut,

    As you know by now I’m not a fan of most supplements, but I always appreciate reading your honest reviews, as it gives me a good idea about a product or program.

    Most of the ingredients contained in Leptitox is typically what you’d expect from a fat-burning supplement, so there’s so surprises there.

    However, the complaints and bad reviews racked up by the company is a cause for concern.

    With that said, it’s good to see that they handle these is a professional manner, and that one such unhappy customer received a full refund, no questions asked.

    This at least proves that Leptitox is a legitimate company and that they handle their business affairs well – always a good sign.

    I appreciate that you have left the final decision to purchase up to your readers, and as always I appreciate your genuine approach.

    Thank You


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