Is NutraVesta Proven a Scam? – Don’t Purchase it Before You Read This!

Hey, there, and welcome to my another post where I’ll be answering the question: Is NutraVesta Proven a Scam?

Weight loss is a multi-billion industry and every single dietary supplement manufacturer company is trying to sell you their “magic pill”. 

NutraVesta is a new dietary supplement that is being actively marketed as a powerful detox formula and immune system booster.

Is it really that good and worth your money? Or it’s only hype? Can it help you achieve your weight loss goals?

I have made extensive research about ProVen so you don’t have to. Everything you want to know about NutraVesta ProVen is right here. 

Let’s check it!

Proven OverviewIs NutraVesta ProVen a Scam? - The Product

Full Name: Proven Weight Loss Detox Formula

Type: Weight Loss Dietary Supplement 

Proven Website:

Manufacturer: NutraVesta Naturals

Price: $67 (with some best value bundles and discount prices)

TrainYourBodyWithVoicu Rating: 8 out of 10

Summary: Proven is marketed as a powerful natural detoxifier and anti-inflammatory dietary supplement.

It consists of a proprietary blend of 20 natural spices and herbs which help with a metabolism boost, weight loss, and fat-burning process.

ProVen is manufactured by NutraVesta Naturals, being formulated by Adrian Thomas.

The formula is based on traditional recipes from Tibet monks.

However, due to the fact that this product is new, ProVen wasn’t tested by 3d party lab and there’s little evidence that this product really works.

If you prefer video-based content more, you may wish to watch this Youtube video presentation about NutraVesta Proven dietary supplement:



Otherwise, read this post till the end to find out shocking facts I’ve found about ProVen.

What is ProVen?

Proven is a natural dietary supplement that’s pretty new on the market.

It has been released in late May 2020 and it’s claimed to work as an immune system, metabolism booster, and body detoxifier. 

ProVen is meant to act as a fat burner, natural detoxifier, and appetite suppressant.

The team behind this product formulated ProVen to target the root cause of excess body fat, which is “through obesogens and pollution exposure”.

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Who are People Behind ProVen?

NutraVesta Naturals is the company that manufactured this ProVen dietary supplement.

It’s an American company that manufactures dietary supplements according to Good Manufacturing Practices and in FDA-approved facilities.


Is NutraVesta ProVen a Scam? - NutraVesta Naturals Manufacturer


According to NutraVesta, Adrian Thomas is the exact person who has formulated ProVen. They say he is a scientist, nutritionist, and paramedic.

Adrian was looking for a weight loss solution for his patients, and especially for his own wife when she was struggling to lose weight after her third pregnancy.

At those times, he had a trip to Tibet where he learned the secret for good looking healthy bodies from Tibet monks.

However, there’s no photo of this person on the ProVen official website so we don’t know if this story is true or not. 


<<<Check Proven Official Website Yourself Here>>>


What’s Inside ProVen Dietary Supplement? – ProVen Ingredients

ProVen is a product that’s intended for internal use.

So, it’s paramount to know what it contains because no matter how bad you’d want to lose weight and burn fat, your health goes first.

That’s why I always check the ingredients of all products I review here on my website to help you chose the most natural and the most effective ones.

So, let’s see together what are ProVen ingredients?

It’s interesting that ProVen uses those same ingredients that people in Tibet drink as tea.

It is known that Tibet monks have their special recipes to maintain their figures, youth, and health which they are passing through generations.

Another great thing is that you see all the ingredients listed by the manufacturer (not all manufacturers do this, by the way).


Is NutraVesta ProVen a Scam? - Supplement Facts

Let’s go through all of them one by one to see what properties they have and how they can help us with our weight loss goal.

Here is a brief summary of what each serving of two capsules might consist of:

  • Vitamin C (30mg)
  • Vitamin E (20mg)
  • Selenium (20mcg)

Next is the Proprietary Blend, which amounts to 1512mg per serving, and individuals can anticipate ingesting:

  1. Graviola leaf
  2. Red raspberry
  3. Green tea
  4. Beta-glucan
  5. Turmeric
  6. Pine bark
  7. Essiac tea complex
  8. Grapeseed
  9. Mushroom complex
  10. Quercetin dihydrate
  11. Pomegranate
  12. Olive Leaf
  13. Arabinogalactan
  14. Cats Claw
  15. Garlic
  16. Panax Ginseng
  17. Lycopene

Green Tea Leaves

Green tea is the staple of the Japanese diet and is rumored to be one of the reasons why Japanese women don’t get fat.

There is probably a connection because green tea contains an abundance of catechins and caffeine, which help the body break down body fat.


Is NutraVesta ProVen a Scam? - Green Tea Leaves Ingredient


Green tea is an excellent diuretic that removes excess fluid and toxins from the body.

Polyphenols, which are abundant in green tea, increase heat exchange in the body by burning stored fat.

Green tea gently suppresses appetite, lowering blood sugar.


Turmeric is a common spice that’s widely used in the cuisines of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, and Thailand.

The spice can help you lose weight without side effects. Turmeric is used not only in cooking but also for solving some health problems.

Now, this is confirmed by scientific research.


Is NutraVesta ProVen a Scam? - Turmeric Ingredient


Turmeric contains a polyphenol, curcumin, which has anti-inflammatory properties. Curcumin helps suppress inflammation in white adipose tissue.

Another way the spice helps you lose weight is by regulating sugar levels and preventing insulin resistance.

As a result, excess fat is not stored in the body. People who are overweight or obese are prone to diabetes, so consuming turmeric protects them from this condition.

Panax Ginseng

Korean ginseng is used by people of all ages to normalize general health and to address specific problems.

This natural remedy positively affects all body systems and processes in it, including metabolism, which affects the accumulation of excess calories.

Is NutraVesta ProVen a Scam? - Panax Ginseng Root Ingredient

Even athletes use it, as it is a tool that reduces fat mass.

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The benefits of garlic for weight loss have interested scientists relatively recently.

Particular success was achieved at the Israeli Weisman Institute.

So far, official experiments have been carried out only on laboratory animals; human volunteers have not participated in them.

However, the joint work of researchers and rodents made it possible to find out that the main hero of the weight loss story with garlic is the same super-useful volatile allicin.


Is NutraVesta ProVen a Scam? - Garlic Ingredient


It has a natural ability to reduce appetite and takes care of the long-term effect of the diet – animals that lost weight on the background of the use of extracts from fresh garlic and later switched to their usual diet avoided the effect of a quick return of the lost weight.

Asian Mushroom Complex

These mushrooms are used for centuries in China and there is numerous research that suggests they could eventually be used in the treatment of obesity.

Asian mushrooms slow weight gain by altering bacteria in the gut.

Cat’s Claw (Bark)

Cat’s claw is a tropical plant that has powerful immunomodulatory properties.

Alkaloids in the composition of this plant promote the activation of lymphocytes, immunoglobulins, macrophages, with an improvement in the rheological properties of blood.


Is NutraVesta ProVen a Scam? - Cat's Claw Bark Ingredient


Under the influence of glycosides, the activation of the cardiovascular system is ensured, with the maintenance of hormonal balance, the rapid recovery of the body after serious physical and emotional stress, and illnesses.

Graviola Leaf

Graviola is not used in official medicine.

However, many studies have been carried out, in particular at Purdue University in the USA, the National Cancer Institute, confirming the medicinal properties of this plant.


Is NutraVesta ProVen a Scam? - Graviola Ingredient


Graviola stimulates the digestive processes, facilitates the course of gastrointestinal diseases, improves the composition of the intestinal flora, removes toxins from the body, and helps fight liver diseases.

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This plant has antiviral activity, improves the functioning of the immune system, helps to get rid of excess weight, and has a beneficial effect on the bronchopulmonary system.

Red Raspberry (Fruit)

Everyone knows the healing properties of raspberries since childhood. And what exactly do we know? That it’s a remedy for colds.

What else? It turned out that raspberries can help with weight loss.

Raspberries contain lipolytic enzymes. What are they famous for? They help burn fat.


Is NutraVesta ProVen a Scam? - Red Raspberry Ingredient


Surprisingly, raspberries, have a very low glycemic index, so they do not increase blood sugar levels.

The sufficiently high fiber content helps the gastrointestinal tract with all the following consequences, namely the timely elimination of toxins, restoration of intestinal microflora.

Another property of raspberries is important for losing weight – it has diuretic and choleretic properties, which removes excess salts from the body.


This unique compound, first discovered in mushrooms about 30 years ago, has been studied in many institutions. β-Glucans play the same important role in immunology as penicillin in the antibiotic world.

The main property of β-glucan is to activate the body’s immune response, creating a defense system against viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and carcinogens. It is also a powerful antioxidant – free radical scavenger.

Pine Bark

Pine bark is a powerful antioxidant that has been used as a medicinal plant by the indigenous peoples of North America and Asia.

In Europe, its beneficial properties were discovered by the famous French navigator Jacques Cartier.

He used pine bark extract to treat scurvy, which is caused by a deficiency of vitamin C in the body.


Is NutraVesta ProVen a Scam? - Pine Bark Ingredient


The antioxidant properties of pine bark are due to the high content of phenolic and alpha-lipoic acids, vitamins C and E, bioflavonoids, procyanidins, catechins, and epicatechin.

To sum this all up, it is evident that neither the vitamin-mineral complex nor the proprietary blend includes ingredients that upsurge fat burning directly.

It could be that these ingredients help to improve different health aspects, which, as a result, might induce weight loss results.

How Does ProVen Work?

ProVen was tested on a group of volunteers, in a total of 62 people, all suffering from varying levels of obesity.

They were taking ProVen for a period of 90 days and the results were that on average, they lost 54 pounds of fat.

These people also have witnessed increased energy and a better mood.

Similar to the effect of the traditional Tibet tea, Proven detoxifies the body from harmful toxins gathered throughout time from water, food, and other sources.

How to Take ProVen?

According to directions of use from the manufacturer, it’s recommended to take 2 capsules per day before your evening meal.

Each ProVen bottle contains 60 capsules which are enough for a month’s supply.

ProVen Pricing

One bottle of NutraVesta ProVen is $67.

Taking into consideration that’s recommended to take it for at least 90 days for optimum results, the manufacturer provides product bundles that let you save money.

Thus, if you purchase 3 bottles at once, you’ll pay $57 per ProVen bottle.

If you want to get an even better price ($47 per bottle), you may wish to choose to purchase 6 bottles at once.


Is NutraVesta ProVen a Scam? - Pricing


ProVen Testimonials and Customer Reviews

Testimonials and customer reviews on the Proven official webpage are overwhelmingly positive.


Is NutraVesta ProVen a Scam? - Testimonials and Customer Reviews 3


If you are skeptical like me, you might ask yourself if these reviews are real or fake?

Unfortunately, there’s no way we can find this out since we can’t check these people online as they are not providing their first names. 

Is NutraVesta ProVen a Scam? - Testimonials and Customer Reviews


All these people are saying that they have been trying to lose weight for so long and used different diets and products and nothing seemed to work for them. 

To the point when ProVen came in and become a saver.  

Is NutraVesta ProVen a Scam? - Testimonials and Customer Reviews 2

Is ProVen a Scam?

Finally, we get to this part which is the main question this post is supposed to answer, right?


Is NutraVesta ProVen a Scam? - The Answer


Based on my research, ProVen is not a scam since the product has real creators whom you can contact directly in case you have questions or queries about the product.

However, since this product is new, there is little evidence that this product really works for people.

The Good and The Bad

Things I Like About ProVen

It’s Natural

Like we already saw, the ingredients used to create ProVen are completely natural.

It means that there are no toxins or harmful substances in it and therefore, there will be no side effects after using this product.

You can rest assured it’s safe for you.

It’s Geared Towards Losing Weight In the Long Run

I was really pleasantly surprised to see that the developers of this product don’t promise you’ll lose weight overnight.

Most weight loss diet pills promise you quick results (which is unhealthy) and you definitely want to stay away from this kind of product.

ProVen is not like that. You’ll need to be taking it between 3 and 6 months in order to see results.

Things I Don’t Like About ProVen

ProVen Wasn’t Tested by a 3d Party Lab

ProVen hasn’t gone through the testing process with a 3d party laboratory. The only test done is in-house on obese patients.

Therefore, we have only NutraVesta’s word that ProVen is safe and efficient, no other company can testify that.


You have already seen what’s the price for this product and it’s not a cheap one.

Most definitely, there are cheaper alternatives on the market.

But speaking of ProVen, its price might be justified by the fact that’s all-natural whereas natural ingredients cost manufacturers money to source them.

Doesn’t Ship for Free Internationally

Free shipping of this product is available only within the United States (applies for product bundles).

If you are from another country, you’ll need to pay in order to get your order.

If you are looking for a fat burner that ships for free worldwide, you might want to have a look at PhenQ, Phen24, Zotrim, TrimTone, or Meticore.

Says You Can Burn Fat Without Proper Diet and Exercise

I’m a little bit skeptical every time I hear a product is promising you weight loss without proper diet and exercise.

If you really want to burn fat in a natural way, the very first thing you really want to do is adjust your diet and make exercise your daily routine.

If this doesn’t help you, or you hit a weight loss plateau, you might then consider adding a fat burner. But most definitely not vice versa.

My Final Verdict About the Use of NutraVesta ProVen

ProVen is, quite possibly, one of the world’s very best natural weight loss supplements.

It contains 20 of the most powerful and highest quality natural ingredients at optimal levels and combined them to create this pioneering formula.

Unlike the vast majority of competitor supplements, the exact quantity of each ingredient in ProVen is clearly listed.

The developers of this product say that it can help you burn fat even if you don’t exercise and don’t make adjustments to your diet.

But if you know me, I always recommend putting the latter two first, before taking any kind of fat burner or weight loss supplement.

The decision though is yours, as always. If you believe NutraVesta ProVen is right for you, make sure you make your purchase from the official website to avoid scammers.


<<<Get Your Proven Risk-Free From the Official Website>>>


There you have it, my dear friend!

I hope this article was useful for you and now, you’ve got your answer to the question: Is NutraVEsta ProVen a scam?

Leave your questions, if you have any, in the comments section down below. I try to always reply to my readers!



NutraVesta ProVen






Overall Quality



  • It's Natural
  • It's Geared Towards Losing Weight In the Long Run
  • Manufactured in FDA-approved Facility


  • Expensive
  • Doesn't Ship for Free Internationally
  • Wasn't Tested by a 3d Party Lab

14 thoughts on “Is NutraVesta Proven a Scam? – Don’t Purchase it Before You Read This!”

  1. I don’t believe that you can burn fat just by taking a supplement alone.

    Maybe in very small doses, but to get the best results, you need to exercise, and watch your diet.

    That said, I agree with what you said in the cons section. Also, those testimonials seem like they’re not real, but let’s give them a benefit of the doubts.

    Nutravesta Proven seems like a legitimate weight-loss supplement, indeed. Thanks a lot for sharing your honest review!

    • Hi, Ivan,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, man.

      I think it’s difficult to find an ideal product that will have only benefits with no disadvantages.

      What I’m pleased to see though that there are more and more natural dietary supplements that are safer for our health.


  2. Hi Voicu,

    This is a great review of NutraVesta ProVen.

    I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m not particularly a fan of supplements, and therefore I always like to do my homework first, as well as checking the ingredients.

    Just going through the list of ingredients from your review, especially the ones you have highlighted in more detail, I’m impressed.

    I already know about the metabolism-boosting effects of ingredients such as green tea and turmeric, and they have been proven to aid in weight loss.

    Then ingredients such as garlic and raspberries are known to have huge benefits for health.

    So all-in-all, as far as supplements for weight loss go, and the fact that there is a plethora of superb health-boosting natural ingredients, it seems like Nutravesta ProVen is the real deal.


    • Hi, Partha,

      Thank you for dropping by.

      I’m not a huge fan of supplements either and I believe people should inspect them really carefully before taking them, including checking with their health specialists.


  3. Thank you for the information.

    I do not take supplements often as I believe you need to focus on your lifestyle and eating habits for weight loss.

    This looks like a product which is promises quick fixes so not for me.

    • Hi, Thabo,

      Thank you for your comment.

      NutraVesta ProVen is one of the supplements that help lose weight gradually, not overnight.

      Anyway, the decision is yours, as always.



  4. I have been searching for a magic pill for quite some time in the past!

    I was buying one after the other, always attracted by the big promises.

    Until I realized that if losing weight was that easy as to take a pill, and not do anything else, we would have very little overweight people.

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results, isn’t it?

    So, I stopped buying different magic pills and drops started walking, and changed my diet. Magic happened and I was back to my normal weight.

    That said, I can imagine there are situations when you do need an immune booster, after an illness, for example, or some strenuous period in your life.

    Also, being able to save your body from inflammation can prevent a lot of unwanted conditions in the first place.

    So, when you do take supplements, you will want to take the best ones you can find and definitely containing natural ingredients.

    Yes, they might be expensive, but, then, everyone can decide whether it is worth it or not, don’t they?

    Thank you for bringing this product to our attention!

    • Hi, Kerryanne,

      Thank you for reading and some valuable insights here.

      I agree with you that sometimes that magic pill is just a little change in our daily habits. I also recommend, first of all, adjust your diet, your exercise routine, and it might be just enough to shed off those extra pounds.

      But there are also cases when the body needs a little bit more stimulant to lose weight and burn fat. Natural supplements can do their work here.

      Therefore, I see dietary supplements as an addition to your healthy diet and lifestyle rather than a solution alone.

  5. After reviewing many MLMs in this kind of business I have struggled to believe what most of them were saying, especially when there is no 3rd party testing.

    I have my doubts that supplements would work for dieting without plenty of exercises.

    The older we get the more the body does not produce enough of a certain vitamin and I can see the need to boost the immune system, but I would be purchasing them from a reputable supplier like Healthspan and not Clickbank.

    You have done a great job reviewing the product though.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi, Mick,

      I agree with you that a product is more trustworthy when it comes tested by a third-party lab.

      This product is still pretty new and I hope they will fix this issue soon.

      Thank you for reading my blog.



  6. Hi Voicu,

    Although I try not to take supplements, I was immediately sold when I read that this product was all-natural, had 20 herbs and spices, and has anti-inflammatory properties.

    However, not being tested by a 3rd party caused me to pause.

    Upon further reading, I was impressed by the line up of ingredients – turmeric, green tea, garlic raspberries, ginseng – among others.

    These are all well documented metabolic and anti-inflammatory boosters – if they are in the right proportions.

    I believe this product may be all it claims to be. I have asked my sister to check out your article as she is heavily into all-natural supplements.

    Thanks for this detailed review of the product – Nutravesta Proven.


    • Hi, Ceci,

      Thank you for reading my blog.

      Indeed, it contains a lot of herbs and spices which we know have properties that could lead to weight loss.

      The fact that it wasn’t tested by a third-party lab is something that concerns me too but I hope NutraVesta will do it in time.



  7. Hi Voicu,

    I like the truth that they use all-natural ingredients to make NutraVesta capsules, and this is because most of the weight-control capsules are made with chemicals that hurt our bodies most of the time.

    Although it’s a bit expensive than other brands in the market, I still prefer to choose 100% natural, just like NutraVesta.

    Thanks for sharing today,

    • Hi, Matt,

      Thank you for coming by.

      Dietary supplements are what we put inside of our bodies so we all have to be extremely cautious about which supplements we choose.

      From all the variety we have nowadays on the market, I would rather go for a natural one.




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