KetosisNow Review – 2 Red Flags Other Reviews Will NOT Tell You About!

Hello, my dear reader! Welcome to my Ketosis Now Review.

I have come across this product and it really sparked my interest since it’s claimed to be the simplest and the fastest way to “hack” the keto diet.

So, I have decided to fully research this product and share my findings with you.

In this blog post, I will be highlighting both pros and cons of this product to provide the most unbiased opinion about it.

Based on this information you can make an informed decision if KetosisNow is right for you or not.

Let’s check it!

Ketosis Now Overview

Full NameKetosisNow
TypeWeight Loss Dietary Supplement/Fat Burner
KetosisNow Website
Price$49 (you can get a better price if you purchase product bundles) Rating6.7 out of 10
KetosisNow Review - The Product


KetosisNow is a newly launched product in the weight loss industry claimed to be an excellent aid to the ketogenic diet.

It contains only natural ingredients which are extracts of herbs.

The product has been tested and verified by a third-party lab.

However, the name of the third-party lab, as well as the name of the company that has manufactured this product are unknown, as well as ingredients aren’t listed.

What is KetosisNow?

KetosisNow is a weight-loss dietary supplement that is claimed to help kick-start your metabolism and fat-burning process without having to adhere to a ketogenic diet if you don’t want to.

According to the manufacturer, it contains potent ingredients that actively jump the user’s fat-burning enzymes into action, leading to a slimmer, fitter and leaner body in minimal time possible.

They also state that it can help you get rid of excessive fat, especially belly fat, with no exercise and a special diet.

Who are People Behind KetosisNow?

If you were reading my blog for a while, most probably you might have noticed that I pay special attention to information about who manufactured the product, or who formulated it.

Especially in the case of dietary supplements.

Since these are products intended for internal use, it’s extremely important to know who is responsible for its manufacturing and release on the market.

Knowing this information actually adds on product’s credibility and help you prevent from being scammed.

With all the positiveness going around this product all over the internet, I was really discouraged to see that first of all, KetosisNow official website doesn’t provide any type of information about the company or the exact person who have put together this product.

And second, all the websites who are actively promoting it, doesn’t disclose this information either.

All we know is that KetosisNow is manufactured in the USA, in an FDA-registered facility that follows GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines.

That’s it. No name of the company who have manucatured it, and no name of the person who is responsible for formulating it.


You can see this yourself by clicking the blue button below:

What’s Inside KetosisNow? – KetosisNow Ingredients

Now, I must say that we get to the most important part.

KetosisNow is a dietary supplement that one’s supposed to take it internally.

That’s why it’s extremely important to know what exactly it contains, or in other words, what are ingredients were used to make this product.

This is where I got disappointed even more because the KetosisNow official webpage doesn’t contain this information either.

So we have no clue what ingredients they have used to create KetosisNow from the official source.

I mean, how can we know if this product really works if we aren’t provided with full information about its content?

They say that KetosisNow contains “clinically relevant amounts of ingredients” but they don’t state nor the ingredients themselves, nor their amounts.

They expect us to just take their word for it and blindly believe them. That’s ridiculous, guys.

I had to dig a little bit deeper and found on other web sources that KetosisNow supplement is made of 26 herbs, without stating which herbs are these exactly.

But the main ingredient is in fact, Beta-Hydroxybutyrate or BHB.

KetosisNow Review - Beta-hydroxybutyrate Ingredient
Source: Wikipedia

This is a very interesting molecule that is both produced by our bodies naturally and in the lab.

It helps provide energy in times when not enough carbohydrates or sugars have been eaten.

This compound is a type of ketone body and is often part of many exogenuos ketone supplements.

BHB is a water-soluble molecule containing a ketone group and synthesized by the liver from fatty acids during calorie restriction, carbohydrate withdrawal, fasting, and prolonged intense physical activity.

While I believe that all these are great things, I keep wondering why we, as consumers, need to go elsewhere in order to find out what a product that we eventually want to consume, contains, from other sources, rather than from the official website?

I don’t know about you but to me, this doesn’t look serious at all.


How KetosisNow Works?

First of all, it worths mentioning that KetosisNow works based on scientific research carried out on the ketogenic diet.

The ketogenic diet became very popular these days due to its ability to promote fat-burning processes in people having excessive weight.

However, the keto diet has major drawbacks such as restricting your diet from foods you might love the most: carbs and sweets.

I guess you already know that carbs and glucose are the main sources of energy for our bodies.

When on a keto diet, chances are that you might experience a lack of sufficient nutrients which in turn, leads to exhaustion and weak energy levels.

What can happen is your body produces more fat cells resulting in weight gain which is. I’m sure, the last thing you wanted when started the keto diet.

There are also some of the other side effects which is the so-called keto “flu”.

It causes nausea, headaches, fatique, and more sugar cravings.

Here’s where this supplement, KetosisNow, is supposed to enter the game: it works to balance the nutrition and leads to developing more ketones that replace glucose to work as a fuel.

Who is KetosisNow For?

KetosisNow is claimed to be for anyone out there who is having difficulties with losing weight and keeping it off just with the help of a ketogenic diet and regular exercise.

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KetosisNow is a product that is claimed to also support the immune system and ease the effects of stress on our bodies.

This makes it a perfect aid for people who are working out regularly lifting heavyweights like me.

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How to Take KetosisNow?

According to the information available on KetosisNow official website, the directions of use for this product are as follows: 2 capsules in the morning.

How long should you take it in order to see results?

Well, this may vary since everybody reacts and absorbs the natural ingredients individually so it’s really difficult to name exact terms here.

But again, according to the official website, it’s reasonable to expect to notice your first weight loss signs within the first 4 weeks.

KetosisNow Pricing

One bottle of KetosisNow is $49. It contains 60 capsules which means it’s designed to last for one month supply.

Because this is not a product that is able to deliver you fast weight loss results (which is unhealthy), it also comes in the product bundles of 3 and 6 bottles

KetosisNow Review - Pricing

KetosisNow Testimonials and Customer Reviews

KetosisNow is still a pretty new product on the market so it’s unlikely it already has a lot of people consuming it who might share their real experience with the product.

Most of the reviews I have red online are paid promotions which doesn’t reflect the reality about whether this product really works or not.

Is KetosisNow a Scam?

I can’t actually call KetosisNow a total scam since this is a product sold through Clickbank marketplace.

This is where your money-back guarantee is supposed to be respected because this is a Clickbank requirement for all its vendors.

But I’m really concerned about the lack of information about who is responsible for manufacturing this product, and that the info about the supplement’s content is not provided on the KetosisNow official website.

Me, personally, I would rather stay away from “shady” objects like this.


Things I Like About KetosisNow

60 Days 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you don’t like the product once you’ve used it, or you find out that KetosisNow didn’t bring you the results you’ve expected, you can return it and claim your money back within a window of 60 days from purchase.

KetosisNow Review - 100% Money-Back Guarantee

The manufacturer states that the refund policy is respected within 48 hours from the moment when the product is being returned.

All-Natural with No Side Effects

KetosisNow is claimed to be all-natural dietary supplement.

This means that you shouldn’t expect it to be producing negative side effects like other pills containing chemical substances.

Manufactured in an FDA-approved Facility and in Accordance with GMP

KetosisNow is manufactured in the USA, in an FDA-registered facility and in accordance with GMP.

Things I Dislike About KetosisNow

Unknown Manufacturer

Like I’ve already mentioned earlier in this post, there’s no information publicly available about what company has manufactured KetosisNow, or who is the exact person who’ve formulated it.

To me this serves as a huge red flag because if the product is so great, then why its creator doesn’t showing up his/her face?

Unknown Ingredients & Their Amounts

Unfortunately, we aren’t provided with information about the exact ingredients they have used to put together this product.

We also don’t know the exact quantities. All we know is that it’s an all-natural dietary supplement made of herbs.

If you are like me, always cautios about the content of the supplements you are considering taking, you may wish to check out these weight loss supplements which have the ingredients listed and clear:

NutraVesta ProVen



Night Slim Pro




My Final Verdict About the Use of KetosisNow

To sum all I have said in this post up, KetosisNow could be a good product to assist you while you are on a keto diet if we knew the list of ingredients directly from the manufacturer, and not from other parties.

Also, it’s good to know who is responsible for formulating this product, and not just general information and bold claims.

I truly hope that they didn’t disclose this info because they were in a hurry to launch this product and the official website, and not because they want to hide their faces from us.

Anyway, the final decision is yours, as always.

There you have it, my dear reader! I hope this KetosisNow Review was a useful read to you.

If you have any questions about KetosisNow, or anything else, please leave your questions or thoughts in the comments section down below.

I’ll do my best to get back to you asap.

Also, if you think this information might be useful for someone else too, please share it via social media channels available to you with your friends and family.

Take care, stay safe and be fit!

Best Wishes,








Overall Quality



  • 60 Days Money-back Guarantee
  • All-Natural with No Side Effects
  • Manufactured in USA


  • Unknown Manufacturer
  • Unknown Ingredients and Their Amounts

5 thoughts on “KetosisNow Review – 2 Red Flags Other Reviews Will NOT Tell You About!”

  1. Thanks for doing the research and writing the article about Ketosis Now.

    I adhered to a Keto diet for 6 months. A couple of benefits I started to enjoy within the first week were the sharper mental focus and more energy.

    I don’t think I ever got the right balance of protein and fat.

    What I found over time was that I was slowly losing muscle and strength.

    There are plenty of other people who seem to find that balance.

    I returned to eating a more “normal” diet of macros.

    Perhaps if I took some kind of a product similar to Ketosis Now I might have bridged the gap.

    Based on what I learned in your article, though, it won’t be Ketosis Now.

  2. Hey,

    This is a great review, and I’m really pleased that you don’t make this out to be a scam.

    My girlfriend is on the Keto diet, and she is considering investing in these KetosisNow products.

    It doesn’t seem to be that expensive, but what I was worried about was is it safe?

    After reading your review, I am happy that these are safe and I hope they really work for my girlfriend.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    • Hi, Tom,

      Thank you for dropping by.

      Indeed, this product should be safe since they claim it is all-natural.

      However, it’d be better if they could be more transparent in terms of ingredients and labels.



  3. The Keto Diet seems to be all the rage nowadays but diets for me have never been a success.

    On the surface, the product seems fine but when you can’t find out who’s responsible such as the manufacture for me this is more than a red flag.

    I have lost count the number of products where I have not been able to check out the manufacturer and all points to maybe they are trying to hide something.

    Thank you for sharing, you did a great job.

    • Hi, Mick,

      Thank you for reading my blog, I really appreciate that.

      I agree with you that there’s an abundance of products nowadays on the market about which we know too little or nothing.

      That’s definitely not in these companies’ favor since people usually don’t trust something they don’t know very well.




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