Korean Ginseng Benefits For Men – Boost Your Energy For A Better Workout

When you are on a workout program, you are going to need much more energy than usually. There are lots of ways how to increase your level of energy. One of them is to include some special ingredients into your daily diet which help you stay energized throughout the day.

One of these ingredients is Korean ginseng that has been used by humanity for centuries for its properties in increasing energy levels as well as for overall benefits for the health.

In this article I will tell you about some interesting facts about Korean ginseng, that you have probably didn’t know untill now. Also, I will go into general benefits of ginseng and, most importantly for us, Korean ginseng benefits for men. I will also give some advise on how to use ginseng and cases when the use of ginseng is not recommended.  

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Ginseng – Did You Know That ?… 

Ginseng (Panax Ginseng) was known in ancient India for the ability to give “the strength of a bull” to both young and older men. In has been discovered in China and it has been used for over 5000 years for its energizing and refreshing qualities.

Wild ginseng is a plant that is protected by law and it is not allowed to use it for products production. Thus, roots of cultivated ginseng are used in traditional medicine. Ginseng comes to flowering in a few years after planting (at least four) and the root is harvested after another four years. Ginseng-Benefits-For-Men

Ginseng root has a contour similar to that of the human being, and the word “ginseng” also means “human being” or “man quintessence” or even “the root of life”. Ginseng is a product made by the primary processing of fresh ginseng.

Do not confuse Panax Ginseng with American or Siberian ginseng, which are entirely different plants. 

Health Benefits of Korean Ginseng – A Miracle of The World

For a long time, ginseng has been considered an effective remedy for treating all diseases, an opinion that still persists in our days too. The medicinal properties of ginseng are exceptional, its therapeutic potential being hard to match with any other medicinal plant. That is why it is often called Oriental Panacea. 

The healing properties it has proven over time have made it one of the most used plants for herbal treatments for various affections and problems faced by both women and men.

  • balances metabolic processes;
  • stimulates digestion;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • slows down aging;
  • improves memory;
  • adjusts blood pressure;
  • lowers cholesterol;
  • increases fertility and treat sexual disfunction in men.

Benefits of Korean Ginseng in Muscle Building

There are a number of reasons why you should consider taking ginseng when you are on your workout program. Many bodybuilders and athletes claim ginseng to be a very valuable supplement.

The first reason is because ginseng helps the body to adapt to higher levels of stress. This is important to keep in mind as during workouts, you are going to submit your body to a high level of stress and it needs additional resources to better and faster recovering.

The second reason is that ginseng has the ability to increase endurance of your body. What it actually means to your body is that you are going to be able to perform lifting of a higher weights more easily and thus, improve your overall performance.

Finally, ginseng is a remedy for tiredness and nervous breakdown. It will help you keep a good mood and feel more refreshed after your workouts.

Tips for Taking Ginseng. How and When ?

There are many ways that ginseng roots may be consumed. You can use fresh ginseng and add it to what you are cooking at home. For example, tea or soup. 

Ginseng is also found in many forms such as powder, capsules or tincture, each of which has specific uses in certain conditions. For example, to address sexual problems, tincture form of ginseng is often used. 

Best time to take ginseng is before meals to increase absorption and get the full benefits. Do not take it when you are about to go to bed because ginseng may cause some trouble in sleeping.

Usually experts recommend one to two grams per day. Once taken in the right dose, ginseng will not cause any side effects.  

Take ginseng in a cycle that does not exceed a 3-week administration period. After that, make one or two week break and overtake the cycle again. You want to do that because the extended use of ginseng could decrease its effectiveness in the body.

Do not mix with coffee or beverages based on caffeine. Also, consume of alcohol is not recommended when you are taking ginseng. 

Is Korean Ginseng Safe ?

Ginseng has no significant contraindications or negative effects. However, it is not recommended in cases of hypertension. If taken in too much doses, ginseng can cause hypoglycemia, nervousness, irritability.

It is also not recommended for people suffering from depression or anxiety and is not indicated to people with acute inflammatory disease.

Ginseng is not recommended for children or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. This is because of the lack of safety studies on this plant. 

I always recommend you to consult with a specialist before deciding to take ginseng supplement. 

Enjoy What the King of Herbs Can Do For You

Ginseng is a plant that positively affects many different systems of the body. It gives a higher level of energy so much needed when you are on your workout program. 

It elevates the mood so you are always ready for action and better performance. Ginseng gives a positive sense of well being to those who supplement their diets with it.

I hope you found out something new to you about ginseng and enjoyed reading about Korean ginseng benefits for men. If you have something to add to this or have any question, please comment below, I will be happy to receive a feedback from you !




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