Korean Ginseng Supplements – What is The Best of 2019 ?

Korean ginseng also known as Panax Red ginseng has already proved to be very helpful for many systems of human organism. That is why it got to be so respected and looked up by many people in the world.

Korean ginseng is very popular among athletes and bodybuilders for its recovering and refreshing properties. I use it when I am on my strongest workouts and it helps me a lot to stay energized and full of forces.

In this post I am going to review the best Korean ginseng supplements that are available nowadays on the market. By doing this, I hope to give you some help in terms of choosing the right Korean ginseng supplement for yourself.

Tips on Choosing The Best Korean Ginseng Supplement

When you are in the market for Korean ginseng supplement, first of all, pay attention to how old or mature are the roots of ginseng. The oldest the roots are, the better. Usually, 6-8 years old ginseng root is good to produce a high quality Korean ginseng supplement.

However, not all ginseng is created equal. The active ingredients in ginseng are substances known as ginsenosides. Ginseng low in ginsenosides may not be effective.

It takes 6 years for a ginseng root to fully develop its ginsenoside content. This also depends on other factors such as climate and soil conditions.

Until now, 37 Ginsenoside have been discovered and among them, Rg1 and Rb1 is known as key component. Recently as many researches about Rg3 have been done, they found out Rg3 is most efficient for health. 

So keep your eye on these indicators when searching for the highest quality Korean red ginseng.

Korea in particular is famous for the high-quality ginseng it produces. “Red” ginseng refers to a traditional process of repeat steaming and drying, which increases the number of ginsenosides further.

Different Forms of Korean Ginseng. Which One to Chose Better?

Korean ginseng supplements are made in the form powder, liquid (syrup) and capsules. This is really up to you what of these forms to chose as there is almost no difference which one is better or worse. It is more about what form you are most comfortable with.

Usually, powders in general are considered to be better as this is the purest form. Same may be said about syrups or liquid extracts. Capsules usually contain some chemical substances like magnesium stearate that help to keep and maintain the capsule form. 

You can choose the powder form and add it to your shakes and smoothies, or even while you are cooking your dinner. Capsules and syrup are easier to use and these forms are the most proffered by many people.

Like with the other supplements, pay attention to the fact of whether the product has been tested and verified with the third-party lab or organization. This is very important and thus, you can be sure that this particular product is safe to use and doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients or contaminants.

Other thing that you have to be aware of is the conditions in which the product has been manufactured. Look for the seal of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

1. NutraChamps Korean Red Panax Ginseng 1000mg

Price: $21.97 per 120 vegan capsules

Rating: 4.4 out of 5


This product is made of hand-selected mature roots, that are grown in a region of Korea that has been traditionally growing the herb for hundreds of years.

Each root is hand selected and mature, while containing a minimum of 5% ginsenosides to ensure you a high potency and pure product that you will feel working. 

NutraChamps Korean ginseng is made in the form of vegetarian capsules that doesn’t contain any artificial additives. The only ingredients you will find in this product is Korean ginseng and rice flour, which is GMO. 

The product is certified with the third-party and it is also vegan-friendly ! It doesn’t contain soy, dairy, eggs, nuts, preservatives or animal products.

The recommended daily intake of NutraChamps Korean ginseng is 2 capsules per day. Each bottle of this product contains 120 capsules, which will last for you up to 2 months.

If you are thinking whether NutraChapms Korean ginseng is affordable in terms of price, simply do the math and you will see that one single capsule of this product will cost you only 0.18 cents.

NutraChamps company is so sure about this product quality and effectiveness that is offering 100% money back guarantee. 


There is no information about how many years are the roots of this ginseng.

Although it is stated that this product is certified with third-party, the name of this third-party is not mentioned.

If you’re looking for a premium ginseng supplement at a great price, then look no further! Hundreds of people are already completely satisfied and happy with this product, you can see what they are saying by clicking the link below:

2. Korean Red Panax Ginseng by MAV Nutrition

Price: $14.25 per 30 vegan capsules (500 mg)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5PROs

MAV Koren Ginseng is all natural and pure whole root with no added preservatives. The roots are grown in the region of Korea.

Only mature hand-selected roots are being used in this product to ensure you receive the most authentic ginseng for the most benefit. 

This Premium Korean Ginseng is all natural and has no unnecessary preservatives, binders, or unauthenticated herbal ingredients, assuring you are receiving highest quality product.

If you are not satisfied with this product, you can benefit from the money back guarantee within 60 days of purchase.


The only small inconvenience I found with this product is that it is only 500 mg per capsule. This means that to achieve the daily recommended amount of ginseng intake per day you will have to take up to 4 capsules.

It is also not stated if this product was tested with third-party lab or organization.

Anyway, this is a very good product to consider and there are many people around the world that use it. You can see what they are saying about this product by clicking the link below:


3. Pure Korean Panax Ginseng by aSquared Nutrition

Price: $24.99 per 90 vegan capsules (1000 mg)

Rating: 4.1 out of 5


This 100% pure extract is sourced from premium growers across Asia. It doesn’t contain unnecessary fillers, binders, or potentially harmful GMOs.

All this means no unwanted side effects for you. This product is made in an FDA inspected and GMP certified manufacturing facility in the USA.

Each daily dosage contains 1000mg – delivering your maximum strength results in a 4:1 concentrated extract ratio.


Contains rice powder and for this reason can’t be actually considered gluten-free. Also contains vegetable magnesium stearate.

There is no information about the money back guarantee so you will not be able to return the product and get your money back. 

If you are still not sure whether this product is suitable for you, you can see what other people that are already using this product are saying, by clicking the link below:


4. Ginsenos Premium Korean Red Ginseng

Price: $38.99 per 60 vegan capsules (1700 mg)

Rating: 4.6 out of 5


I think you are going to love this product because it is of highest quality, premium Korean Red Ginseng in the market.

Ginsenos source the raw material from Korea. This ginseng is grown for 6 years and manufactured in GMP certified facilities in both Korea and the USA.

It is high in ginsenosides content. All of this whole ginseng roots maintain its natural 70% to 30% root to tail ratio before powder processing which maximizes its synergistic benefits.

Ginsenos do not use any alcohol or any chemicals extracts to artificially alter this ginseng product. This results in one of the highest quality, minimally processed Korean Red Ginseng.

In addition, Ginsenos performs independent third-party testing on every batch of raw material and finished goods for microbiology, ginsenosides, identity and other scientifically valid tests in the USA.

If for any reason you get unsatisfied with this product, return for 100% money back and you will not be asked any questions.


The only downside of this product is that they don’t mention the name of the third-party lab or organizations that has verified this product.

Otherwise, I think this product is great to use and you may check what other people say about it by clicking the link below:

5. Korean Red Ginseng Extract by Korea Ginseng Corporation

Price: $101.50 per 120 g

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


Korea Ginseng Corporation is a brand with 100 years of tradition. The first CheongKwanJang Korean Red Ginseng extract was developed back in 1912 as a health food that is both easy to consume and absorbs effectively.

This is a trustworthy, authentic Korean Red Ginseng. It is made from carefully handpicked Korean Red Ginseng which is processed from 6 years grown fresh ginseng, cultivated through contract farming in Korea.

It is made from extracting and concentrating Korean Red Ginseng. Contains 100% Korean Red Ginseng and is characterized by a slightly bitter, yet mild flavor and deep aroma.

This red ginseng is made in powder form and it comes with a cool measuring spoon (not all comes with spoon). One serving size is one scoop and it equals with 1 g. This makes it very easy to measure. 

Ginsenoside value is provided so you can be sure this product really contains 100% Red Korean Ginseng.


There is no information about the money back guarantee so please be aware of that in case if you may want to return the product.

I find this product is great and it meets all the criteria in place, I highly recommend it !

You can check it by yourself by clicking the link below:


6. Auragin Korean Red Panax Ginseng

Price: $34.15 per 90 tablets (300 mg)

Rating: 4.2 out of 5

Auragin is grown in an area of Korea with 500 years of history producing ginseng. This ginseng is grown for 6 years before harvesting. Thus, you can be sure that it contains high quality ginsenoside. 

This product contains only one ingredient that is 100% red Korean Ginseng. Therefore, there is no artificial additives in this product which is great thing !

Each bottle of Auragin red Korean ginseng contains 90 tablets that will last for you a whole month. 

If it doesn’t work for you, you can benefit from the money back guarantee. All you have to do is to email Auragin and they will refund you and you don’t even need to return the empty bottle. 


Frankly, I haven’t find any downside in this product, I think it is really worth a try. You can check yourself what other people say about this product, simply click the link below:

7. Pure Korean 6 Years Root Panax Red Ginseng Extract Gold by Pocheon Ginseng Farmer Assiciation

Price: $139.90 per 240 g

Rating: 4.8 out of 5


Pocheon Ginseng Farmer Association cultivates ginseng carefully in their own farm and select only good ginseng roots. There are two kinds of extract, Royal (6mg/g) and Gold(10mg/g).

This product is Gold model with highest ginsenoside quantity(10mg/g) among many ginseng extracts in Korea. 

It has only one ingredient, that is Korean 6 Years Red Ginseng Extract. There is no artificial additives, colors or flavors.

Pocheon Korean red ginseng has been tested and verified by the third-party Michelson Laboratories, Inc. So you can be sure that is 100% safe to use. 

The recommended intake of this Pocheon Korean red ginseng is 1 spoon that equals with 1 g, mixed with 80 mg of warm water. You can take it like that 3 times a day.


The only downside I have found with this product is that Pocheon brand doesn’t currently provide money back guarantee. Also, the price is relatively high if comparing with other products, but for the quality that this product delivers, I think it worth this money. 

Check yourself what other customers are saying about this awesome product by clicking the link below:


8. Pure Korean 6years Root Red Ginseng Extract by Daehan Red-Ginseng Promoting Corporation

Price: $57.99 per 240 g

Rating: 3.9 out of 5


This is another high quality red Korean ginseng product originated from South Korea. It is made from 6 year red Korean ginseng roots, so you can be sure that it contains 100% high quality ginsenosides (RG1+RB1=4mg/g). 


However, there is no information if the product has been verified with the third-party lab or organization.

There is also no money back guarantee so you have nothing to do about it in case for some reason you find yourself unsatisfied with this product.

If you want to learn more about this Korean ginseng, simply click below and see what other customers are saying about it:

I hope you enjoyed my review of the best Korean ginseng supplements. Simply follow my tips when looking for Ginseng and you will find one that will work for you.

If you have any questions, simply leave them in the comments section. I will be happy to help you out.

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