15 Natural Ways to Boost Metabolism – Even a Lazy Dog and Sweet Tooth Can Do This

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Often, trying to quickly throw off the hated kilograms, we limit our daily diet so that we do not even cover the level of the basic needed amount of calories.

Our body, realizing that the “black days” have come, goes into the “energy-saving” mode.

That is, it saves more and more calories in reserve stores, leaving for its needs the very minimum.

And that’s it – the weight is worth it! And sometimes it even grows.

Hence the paradox: we eat less and less, but at the same time, we also gain extra kilos. And the lower the calorie intake, the worse is our metabolism.

Luckily, there are several simple, but quite effective ways to boost the “asleep” metabolism, giving the body the opportunity to fight with extra pounds with renewed vigor.

Interested? Let’s get started right now!

Way # 1. Get Enough Healthy Sleep

Deep sleep promotes the renewal of brain cells, the production of growth hormone in the body, which speeds up the metabolism and, accordingly, burns calories and leads to weight loss.


Natural Ways to Boost Metabolism


For normal metabolism, you must sleep at least 8 hours a day.

An organism that doesn’t rest well during the night and doesn’t accumulate the needed amount of energy to ensure the vital functions and full functioning of all its systems, will naturally require a larger meal.

If you’re facing difficulties with having proper deep sleep, you may wish to check out Night Slim Pro dietary supplement.

Way #2. Say No to Exhausting Diets

The modern rhythm of life does not leave us much time for cooking.

Still, we have to find a way to deal with this because namely, the diet determines our success in both fat burnings, as well as in mass gain.


Natural Ways to Boost Metabolism


With a sharp reduction in calorie intake, the body begins to accumulate fat, in this way it takes care of its survival. The minimum number of calories consumed in a diet should be at least 1200 calories.

If you eat even fewer calories, you will only get short-term results. After that, when you are off the diet you will notice how quickly the weight is coming back.

You may even face health problems. That is why it is highly recommended to avoid this kind of diet.

Way #3. Fractional Nutrition

It is always better to have frequent and fractional meals. With an increase in the number of meals taken throughout the day, its volume decreases.

Fractional nutrition involves meals once in 2.5-3 hours in small portions.

Tip: Replace your normal plate with a smaller one. Thus, you will get yourself putting less food for your meal


Natural Ways to Boost Metabolism


This nutritional scheme enhances metabolism by improving the absorption of proteins and carbohydrates, preventing the deposition of fat stores.

This also allows you to develop a good habit, i.e not to overeat. In this case, the stomach does not stretch, as with large volumes of food, but only decreases.

The norm for the stomach is food, with a volume that fills a glass of 200 grams.

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Way #4. Eat Protein Food

To break down proteins, the body needs twice as many calories as it does to break down carbohydrates. It’s very good to eat protein for dinner.

Proteins are found in meat, chicken, fish, cheese.


Natural Ways to Boost Metabolism


At the same time, it is not worth following the so-called “protein mono-diet” (as well as any other mono-diet based on one single product during a certain amount of time).

Mono-diets harm the body by slowing down the metabolism.

Any mono-diet is extremely unbalanced, as there is no such product that would equally combine proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals in the right proportions.

Their absence over a long period causes various health problems.

Here are some products or their components that are able to boost metabolism:


Natural Ways to Boost Metabolism

I also want to add that special attention deserves a substance called Turmeric.

Guys from LifeBotanicals.com have a very interesting article about the benefits of Turmeric for metabolism and weight loss. 

Way #5. Include Spices Into Your Diet

There is an opinion that spices in a dish stimulate the appetite. Spicy seasonings are very useful because they kill viruses in the body, improve digestion, and reduce the calorie content of the food.


Natural Ways to Boost Metabolism


And some of them even are able to speed up metabolism (like ginger) and improve blood circulation (like chili).

Way #6. Drink Cold Water

Water is an important participant in the metabolic process in the human body. It suppresses appetite and helps to attract deferred fats into the metabolism.

Water is the matrix of life, the basis of metabolism.

The lack of water can significantly slow down the metabolism – because the main task of the liver, in this case, will be to restore the fluid reserves in the body, and not burn fat.


Natural Ways to Boost Metabolism


I have already written that if you drink a glass of water 20-30 minutes before a meal, you will eat less. But did you know that if you drink water directly from the refrigerator, it will at least double the effect?

Coldwater will not only fill the stomach (which means you will feel full) but also make the body spend extra calories to warm up. Half a liter of such water will increase the metabolic rate by nearly 30%. Until you get warm.

Way #7. Breath Deeper

Deep breathing is a much more effective way to lose weight than severe dietary restrictions.


Natural Ways to Boost Metabolism


The explanation for this is quite simple: the deeper you breathe, the more oxygen gets into the blood and the more actively the process of processing food, including the transformation of fats and sugar into energy.

Way #8. Contrast and Cold Showers

The alternation of hot and cold water serves as a thermal massage for your body that improves blood microcirculation. This has a beneficial effect on metabolic processes.

If you take a cold shower, the body spends energy on heating. Especially this process is effective in the morning before breakfast.


Natural Ways to Boost Metabolism


It also strengthens the immune system, makes you feel invigorated and improves your mood. But do not overdo it, five minutes for a cold shower is quite enough.

Way # 9. Sauna and Bath

They enhance the cellular activity, providing free breathing of the skin.

Hot steam increases circulation in the cells, opens the skin pores, restores, and speeds up the metabolism.


Natural Ways to Boost Metabolism


Important Note: There are contraindications for using bath and sauna. If you have heart or blood pressure problems, avoid sudden changes in temperature.

Way #10. Pamper Yourself with Massage and Aromatherapy

Any type of massage (anti-cellulite, sports, vacuum, even self-massage at home) perfectly stimulates blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, which greatly speeds up the metabolism.


Natural Ways to Boost Metabolism


During the massage, you can add juniper essential oil to the massage cream, or just inhale its smell. Juniper essential oil helps relieve muscle pain, dilates blood vessels, thereby improving blood circulation and speeding up metabolism. 

Way #11. Take Care of Your Nervous System

When you are stressed, fatty acids are released, which are redistributed throughout the circulatory system and stored in fat.

In addition, stress is often exacerbated by the increased appetite that leads you towards consuming more foods.


Natural Ways to Boost Metabolism


If you feel like you have a job with a lot of stress, learn ways to relax after a tough day. A hot bath, self-massage or yoga will help you with this.

Way #12. Make Love with Your Partner More Frequently

Sex is well-known for speeding up the metabolism because, with orgasm, the blood is intensely saturated with oxygen, tissue nutrition improves, and, therefore, metabolism is accelerated.


Natural Ways to Boost Metabolism

Way #13. Make Physical Activity a Part of Your Life

Any physical activity, whether walking or cycling, swimming or dancing, encourages the burning of fat, and this process may last for almost an hour after you stop your physical activity.

Most preferred are strength exercises that promote muscle growth because muscles require calorie expenditure even when you are resting!


Natural Ways to Boost Metabolism


That is, the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn every minute during the day, regardless of whether you play sports or just watch TV.

Therefore, it is worth accelerating the metabolic rate by regular exercises with weights.

Way #14. Perform High-Intensity Interval Workouts

These are exercises in which short periods of maximum activity are interspersed with short periods of rest.

A 10-15 minute active training in terms of accelerating metabolism is often more effective than an hour of jogging or some thoughtful yoga of the same duration.

The reasons for this acceleration are different. In particular, lipid and glucose uptake is improved, those “bricks” of which, if they are not uptaken, fat stores are being created.


Natural Ways to Boost Metabolism


In addition, the body gets used to consuming more oxygen, which is the main fat burner.

Because of this, calorie consumption after a short but intense workout increases dramatically and for a long time (for a period of a couple of hours to a day).

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Way #15. Walk More in the Fresh Air

Sunlight and fresh air are known for increasing human activity, accelerating metabolism, and also stabilizing and activating the defense forces of human organisms.


Natural Ways to Boost Metabolism

The Bottom Line

I hope you have enjoyed reading about these natural ways to boost metabolism. These are simple and affordable, and anyone of us can do this. 

If you have some more tips on how to boost metabolism, that I haven’t covered here, please share them in the comments. I am always happy to hear from my readers!

Also, if you think that this information may be useful to someone else, please share this article with your friends and family on social media.

As always, sending my best wishes to you,

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    Some great tips here on to boost metabolism, many of them I give to my clients as ways to increase testosterone production. The only thing I’d personally add is avoiding highly processed food where possible!

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