Normal Testosterone Levels in Men: 7 Signs to Be Aware Of


Hi, Friend! Are you looking for information about Normal Testosterone Levels in Men?

I absolutely understand your interest as Testosterone is involved in so many processes in our bodies: it regulates sexual behavior in both men and women, stimulates muscle building, maintains bone density, and affects fat metabolism.

Hormonal imbalances can cause many health issues, including overweight, decreased sex drive, and even memory impairment.

Not to mention that if you are looking to build muscle, it is going to hold you down from achieving your fitness goals which is, I am sure, the last thing you want!

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Otherwise, let’s further discuss Testosterone!

By recognizing the signs of low/increased testosterone, you can take some measures to normalize it, in order to be able to continue to enjoy life!

How to Determine the Level of Testosterone by Indirect Signs?

The best way to determine your testosterone level is to pass an appropriate test.

But before that, there are several indirect signs by which you can determine that your testosterone level has fallen or, conversely, has risen too much.

The Signs of Low Testosterone

Decreased Libido

If you have started to feel that something goes wrong beyond the doors of your bedroom, it might be your low Testosterone levels.

Low Testosterone very often may cause a decrease in sexual drive and libido.

Of course, it very much depends on the situation and your emotional state, but in 80-90%, your level of Testosterone determines how well your next romantic meeting will go.

Excess WeightNormal Testosterone Levels In Men

Testosterone is associated with an increased amount of fat in the man’s body.

When you put on just a few pounds of excess weight, what actually happens in your body is your level of Testosterone goes down, while estrogens (female hormones) raise up. 

The excess weight suppresses Testosterone levels and that is why it is good to follow a healthy and balanced diet.

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If you are in a bad mood all the time, have no strength and energy, it is possible that the matter is low testosterone.

Scientists have found that men in depression have lower testosterone levels.

And although, until now it is not clear enough what is the main reason, hormonal therapy turns out to be quite effective, especially for elder people.

Muscle Loss

If you can’t lift weights in the gym that you used to easily worked with some time ago, and you didn’t stop training and continued to eat well, it’s probably the amount of testosterone that causes that muscle loss.

There is a direct connection between muscle loss and low testosterone levels.

Unwillingness to Fight for Your Goals after an Eventual Failure

If after some failure you tend to give up, perhaps it’s not at all a matter of your character.

It is the level of testosterone that determines a man’s desire to compete after losing and achieve his goals after failures.

Since this quality is very important for achieving success in any business or whatever you do in your life, testosterone levels can be a decisive factor in achieving success.

Memory Impairment

Testosterone deficiency can negatively affect memory in both men and women.

If you notice that quite often you do not recall words or cannot find a place/location in any way, although you have been there several times, it may be hormones that are giving you that “headache”.

The Signs of Increased Testosterone

Although everyone is trying to increase testosterone levels, too high level of this hormone also negatively affects the body.

Especially greatly increased production of testosterone hits women’s health.

Skin Issues

Increased level of testosterone leads to more sebum production and provokes acne, in both men and women.

Normal Testosterone Levels in MenAggressiveness and Recklessness

Testosterone provides confidence and motivation, but when there is too much of it, positive qualities are replaced by negative ones.

What Testosterone actually does, in this case, is it activates the subcortical regions of the brain responsible for aggressive behavior.

Prisoners and criminals who have committed violent acts usually have higher testosterone levels, which is why they are prone to aggression.

But even if we talk about a completely civilized and adequate person, increased testosterone forces him to risk and make decisions rashly, relying on the first thing that comes to mind.

What Testosterone Test to Take?

There are two types of testosterone tests. This is due to the fact that testosterone in the human body can be in a free or bound state.

Free testosterone is bioactive and acts on receptors. The bound state is connected with special proteins globulin and albumin and it remains in reserve.Normal Testosterone Levels in Men

The connection of testosterone with globulin is very strong.

Globulin is produced in the liver and binds most of the testosterone in our body.

But albumin does not hold testosterone so tightly, this connection is also called conditionally free.

When laboratory tests are carried out, the total amount of testosterone in the body (free and bound) is determined.

There are also tests for the level of free testosterone, but since it is very small (about 1–2%), it is rather difficult to accurately calculate its amount.

Therefore, to get started, it’s best to go through an analysis of the overall level of testosterone. If it is really lowered or increased, the doctor may prescribe a test for free testosterone. 

The normal level of testosterone is 12-35 nmol/liter. The peak of its production falls on 25-30 years.

Starting from the age of 30, in all men, testosterone levels begin to decline by 1-2% every year.

It is proved that if at 25 years of age the testosterone level was 35 nmol/liter, then with a normal course of life, a man will have enough of this reserve for his whole life, and this physiological drop will not greatly affect his activity and male strength.

But if at 25 years old a man had indicators in the region of 12 nmol/liter, it is worth keeping the lifestyle and state of health under control.

How to Pass a Testosterone Test?Normal Testosterone Levels in Men

If you have decided to pass a testosterone test, it is good to know how to prepare yourself for this process.

To ensure your results are accurate, follow these simple tips:

  • If you are taking hormonal drugs, consult with your doctor about the possibility of their temporary withdrawal within 48 hours to complete the analysis.


  • 12 hours before the analysis, it is recommended to refrain from smoking, drinking alcohol, eat fatty foods and physical activity.


  • If you are an avid smoker and can’t quit smoking for 12 hours, do not smoke for at least 30 minutes before donating the blood.


  • Take tests in the morning on an empty stomach, before 11.00 AM.


Concluding Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and now you know what are Normal Testosterone Levels in Men.

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