12 Sports Shoes For Men – Best of 2019 Review


Today, the dream of many people is getting fit and maintaining a good health condition. But dreams alone will not likely help you make your body perfect.

For this it is necessary, first of all, to take a step towards sports. And to make this step convenient and effective, you want to purchase good, high-quality and suitable sneakers for your workouts.

However, there is a big difference between using shoes that were designed specifically for weightlifting than using just regular shoes or running shoes.

Whether you are working out regularly or you are yet just an amateur, having a nice and right pair of sports shoes for your bodybuilding workouts will do you a great favor.

Properly chosen shoes mean not the only comfort when exercising in the gym but also protection against excessive injuries.

There are plenty of choices available on the market, so how do you actually pick the right one?

Read my article about the best sports shoes for men and you will be well-ready to take your bodybuilding workout to the next level. 

Things to Look at When Choosing the Right Pair of Shoes for Bodybuilding Workouts

So, how do you actually buy a pair of gym sneakers for your bodybuilding workouts? Do you usually go into the market and pick the one that just winked you and that is it?

Well, if you used to do so, then I can tell you that, as with any other product, there are certain criteria for choosing the right pair of sports shoes for weight lifting workouts.

So, please check this out!

Rule#1. Get The Right Fit

Unlike running shoes, it is always best to avoid unnecessary space in the toe box when you are choosing weightlifting shoes. You want the sneaker to comfortably fit so that there is enough support for your feet during unilateral moves.

The more space between your toe and the end of the sneaker, the harder your body has to work to balance, which is unnecessary and leads to your attention distraction. Get a pair of sports sneakers with an exact fit.

Rule#2. Look for the Minimal and Grooved Outsole

Shoes designed for the purpose of working out at the gym are usually closer to the ground.

Thus, they are able to offer more support to your muscles and joints, providing a reliable platform for lifting heavy weights, and giving you better stability during unilateral or one-sided moves.

The sole of sports shoes should be extended near the heel since such shoes are always more stable and with depreciation properties. Also, choose sneakers with grooved soles. In this way, you will effectively avoid slipping. 

In order to choose comfortable shoes for the gym, try bending it to check the elasticity of the sole. For the gym, it is better to take sneakers with a high level of elasticity.

Indoor sneakers for the gym are not much different from regular sports sneakers, their main feature is a soft and breathable surface and sole, which can have a symmetrical pattern.

Rule #3. Look for Lightweight Sneakers

Sneakers for training should not be heavy. The excessive weight of sports shoes indicates poor quality because natural materials for sports shoes are quite light.

Rule #4. Choose Sneakers with Flat Laces 

It is also advisable to choose sneakers with laces because they help to fix the sneaker more securely on the foot. Give preference to flat shoelaces, because round ones often tend to untie.

The advantage of sneakers with laces is that they can be fixed on the foot in a way that is comfortable for you, such shoes will not fly off or squeeze your foot, like sneakers with elastic.

Rule #5. Look for Good Quality

The top of the shoe should be light and breathable, it is advisable to avoid synthetic fabrics, because sports shoes should be well ventilated and not soar in the foot.

The back of the shoe for the gym should be solid, as well as the frame of the sneaker because soft shoes easily warp under load and can cause injuries.

Such a pair of trainers will protect against sprains when lifting weights. For power training, it is better to take high sneakers, they fit snugly to the foot and protect against tearing of ligaments and various types of sprains.

Look carefully at the selected shoes, look for bumps at the seams and glue residues. If you managed to find such defects, don’t buy these shoes, they are of poor quality and will fall apart after the first workout.

Remember that the quality of your sports activities depends on the quality of the sneakers.

Best Sports Shoes For Weight Lifting Workouts

1. Nike Metcon 5 

 With this Nike Metcon 5, you get a competitive advantage at your gym! It is yet, the most tuned Nike Metcon product.

What this actually means for you is specific stability for heavy lifting, traction made for speed, and durability where you need it. If you want to go even for more fit, Nike Metcon 5 even includes a Hyperlift insert. 

The cushioning between your feet and the ground is so little, that provides you with a more of a stable launch point to perform tuck jumps and power cleans.

The sixth lace loop option has been added to this 5 version of Nike’s Metcon to get it tighten to your need. 

The grip is tough, all while these sneakers still being very flexible. If you have wide feet, this pair of sneakers is just right for you.

In case you are having a wider foot, it is advisable to go 1/2 upsize and thus, you will feel comfortable.

These Nike Metcon 5 sneakers are available in 4 gorgeous colors so that you can choose the one that you like the most!



  • The Price. So Nike is a well-established brand in the sports industry and its prices are a little bit high if to compare with other brands. 

Click the link below if you want to have a closer look at this pair of sneakers and see what other customers are saying about it:



2. Reebok CrossFit Nano 8


This is another great pair of sneakers for weightlifting from Reebok. You can be sure that this pair of sports shoes will not slip away from your feet in the most responsible moment because it is equipped with the TPU heel wrap. 

Wide toe box will comfortably fit you if you have wide feet. The minimal drop outsole provides secure footing while you perform your powerful movements. 

If you are concerned about the breathability of your sneakers while working out, you can no longer worry about it with this pair of trainers from Reebok because it features Flexwave upper.

This feature also provides security and durability so that you can enjoy your pair of sneakers for a longer time.    

Reebok CrossFit Nano 8 is available in 20 (!) different colors, so it is capable to serve any taste! 



  • The Price. Reebok is another reputable brand in the sports industry so the price may seem a little bit too high.

This is the only downside that I have found in this pair of trainers. Other than that, Reebok CrossFit Nano is an excellent choice that I highly recommend for your weight lifting workouts.

If you want to take a closer look at this pair of trainers and learn from other customers experience, click the link below:



3. NoBull Men’s Training Shoes

This pair of shoes is perfect for weightlifting workouts but will also do if you want to run, climb, slide or grind.

It is lightweight and breathable, so you don’t get distracted and can fully concentrate on what you want to do. 

The reason why this pair of shoes is kind of multipurpose is that the outsole lug pattern was designed for usage in different environments.

Thus, it allows an easy transition between inside and outside with the right blend of flexibility and support. 

With this pair of trainers, you can be sure that it will last for you for a long time because the upper of the sneaker features a seamless one-piece construction of SuperFabric (that is an extremely durable, breathable and abrasion-resistant material).

Important Note: These sneakers fit true to size. If you are between sizes, it is advisable to order up .5 size.

NoBull sneakers are available in 10 different colors so there is no way to not serve anyone’s taste 🙂



  • Little Bit too Pricey. Nobull is another brand that gets more and more popular among professional and aspiring athletes these days. This is one of the reasons why the price may seem a little bit too high.

If you want to take a closer look at NoBull trainers and see what other customers are saying about this product, click the link below:



4. Mizuno Men’s TC-01 Cross Trainer

These pair of sneakers will make you feel very comfortable if you have high arches. They are perfect for the heavy gym workouts as they feature a rubber outsole which makes them very flexible.  

When you wear these Mizuno TC-01 cross trainers, you experience a sock-like close to the foot fit due to bootie collar construction. 

These Mizuno TC-01 sneakers are designed to fit all types of feet because they feature knit construction of a 3-dimensional smooth fit.  

The low drop of about 4 mm provides optimum stability during static exercises.

In addition, these Mizuno TC-01 sneakers are enabled with the patented technology that enhances feedback from your feet, which can improve your balance and increase athletic performance.



  • The Color. Being available in only 2 colors (yellow and black), not everybody may like the bright yellow color. Still, there is an alternative to the yellow color – the black-grey color, that you can opt for. 

If you want to know more about these pair of trainers, click the link below:



5. Adidas Men’s Leistung


This is another great pair of weight lifting trainers from Adidas. Be aware that these were built exclusively for heavy lifting and couldn’t be used for other purposes (for example, running) as this may cause different leg injuries.

Adidas Men’s Leistung feature weightlifting-engineered chassis with lightweight injected polymer for structured strength. 

The BOA Closure system makes tightening very fast and you can put them on and off also very quickly. These Adidas trainers include strong TPU midsole for a perfect foothold. 

Rearfoot cradle ensures superior lockdown stability so you can fully concentrate on your heavy deadlifts.

Anyone can find something according to the taste as these Adidas trainers are available in 10 different colors.



  • Nor For a Wide Feet. If you have wide feet, these Adidas trainers will feel tight in the toes and most probably will not be a perfect choice. 

Click the link below if you got interested in these pair of lifters and see what other customers are saying about this product:



6. Nordic Powerlifting Shoes

This is another excellent pair of trainers that were designed specifically for exercising with heavyweights.

Working out in the gym with this Nordic Powerlifting shoes will bring a lot of benefits such as:

  • Improves Your Posture – due to the raised heel feature that ensures you stand more upright. In turn, this allows you to more accurately direct your lifting force and doing so, enable you to lift more weight.
  • Provides Stability – having a smooth and rigid anti-slip sole, these shoes allow you to remain stable during all stages of the exercise. They are a snug fit, restricting your feet from unnecessary movement.
  • High-quality Product that will Serve You Long Time – these powerlifting shoes have a sturdy Velcro strap, excellent stitching, and lacing. All this means that the product will remain intact even if you expose them under immense stress for extended periods of time.

If you decide to buy this Nordic Powerlifting Shoes, you will benefit from 1 Year of Manufacturer’s warranty. 



  • Will not Fit a Wider Feet. Since these pair of lifters are made of leather, and the fabric of the shoes is tough, it will not easily expand on your feet. If you have wide feet (anything beyond normal), then these sneakers will not suit you well. 
  • Available in 2 Colors Only (Black and Blue).

If you are interested to buy Nordic powerlifting shoes, or you want to take a closer look at this product and see what other customers are saying about it, simply click the link below:



7. Otomix Bodybuilding Weightlifting MMA & Wrestling Shoes

Otomix shoes were built exclusively for bodybuilding, weightlifting, boxing and wrestling workouts. Their distinctive feature is that it is an ultra-light shoe that provides superior support with an unlimited range of motion.

As you can see from the picture, these sneakers have a minimal outsole that offers a better connection of your feet with the ground.  

They are also very comfortable and provide good ankle support. Otomix powerlifting shoes are available in 11 vibrant colors that will definitely turn a few heads 🙂 



  • May not Be very Durable.

With this single downside, this is a great powerlifting pair of shoes worth your try!

If you want to take a closer look at these Otomix powerlifting shoes and learn from other customers experience, simply click the link below:



8. Iron Tanks Orion Genesis Gym Shoe

Iron Tanks Orion Genesis shoes are designed specifically for the gym workouts. The reason why this pair of shoes stand out from the rest is that the manufacturer uses only top-tier materials in the production of these sneakers.

They are made from high-quality genuine leather and are suitable for both men and women. If you are looking for a pair of trainers that will last for you a long time, then you want to pay closer attention to these Iron Tanks shoes.

They are durable and will serve you an extended period of time because they are made with the “Oxford-Titanium mesh”, that is typically used in hiking boots. They also provide increased ankle support due to the high top design.

If you decide to buy this Iron Tank bodybuilding shoes, you can purchase with peace of mind because you will benefit from the money-back guarantee. 



  • One Color Only. So these Iron Tanks gym shoes are made in the gorgeous black only, and if you are looking for a specific color, unfortunately, you will not find it at these trainers.

Otherwise, it is an excellent pair of training shoes that I highly recommend. 

Click the link below to take a closer look at this pair of training shoes and see what other customers are saying about this product:



9. Sabo Powerlift Weightlifting Shoes



I have decided to include in my review this pair of training shoes for working out in the gym because they were built to provide additional support by mean of two lateral straps that lock your foot and ankle firmly into the shoe.

Sleeves on the strap loop ensure a tight lock so you can be sure that your foot will not slip away at the very responsible moment.

At the same time, the outsole of these training shoes is based on the Sabo Power Platform that brings some flexibility to the forefoot, while being very solid in the heel. 

These Sabo Powerlift weightlifting shoes are relatively lightweight, due to the heel that is made of plastic polymers. While being super strong and non-compressible.

Click the link below if you want to have a closer look at this pair of training shoes and learn from other customers experience with this product:



Best Running Shoes For Men

If you prefer to run in the nearest park to your house, or on a stadium, or you would like to have another cardio workout on your treadmill, then you might be wondering if you can use your weightlifting shoes for that purpose?

Well, as I have mentioned at the beginning of this article, running shoes are designed differently from the powerlifting shoes, that is why it is not advisable to use the same pair of trainers for both purposes.

The best running shoes for you will depend on your running style and personal preferences. Here are some tips that will help you to choose the right pair of running shoes for yourself.

Please, remember that the best running shoes for you are the one that makes you feel maximum comfort during your exercise. 

How to Choose the Right Pair of Running Shoes?

First of all, you need to pay attention to the sole of the sneaker. You want it to be tough, grooved and with good cushioning qualities.

Also, there are a few criteria that you want to take into consideration when choosing running shoes for yourself. So, let’s deep in!

Criteria #1. Type of Coating of the Running Area

For asphalt and other hard surfaces, you want shoes that provide good grip and reduce the strong impact load on the ankle.

These are high shock-absorption sneakers: it is better if it is in the toe and in the heel of the sole.

Sneakers for hard surfaces are models with a soft sole and a low furrowed tread that prevents slipping.


Best Sports Shoes For Men


Often, asphalt sneakers are equipped with a mesh upper, which will provide good ventilation and comfort when running in warm and hot weather.

Sneakers for asphalt are also suitable for the synthetic surface of stadiums as well as for running on a treadmill. The coverage of stadiums in itself provides good cushioning and most of the modern treadmills are equipped with shock-absorption systems.

Weather conditions here are also not so important, and there is no need for a deep tread, strong cushioning and reinforced top. The main thing is the non-slip sole.

Important Note: It is better to refuse the training on a treadmill without a shock-absorption system. Such training may have a destructive effect on the spine and joints.

If you like running on rough terrain, it is best to choose trail sneakers. They have medium (4-8 mm) or deep (8 mm and above) tread (drop) and a hard block; good fixation of the ankle joint, especially the heel.

The top of the shoe is tight and reinforced, often with an additional protective “tongue” to prevent the ingress of dirt, sand, and small stones.

For running on stones, the best will do models with a hard toe under the fingers, heel protection and good cushioning.

Tip: For outdoor activities, do not take shoes with the symmetrical pattern on the sole, as it wears out quickly.

Criteria #2. Weather Conditions

From here, the rough terrain can also be different. For dry hard ground (like forest paths, rocky terrain), it is enough to have an average tread and average cushioning. 

To run through the mud, you want a deep, aggressive tread to provide good traction with softened soil.


Best Sports Shoes For Men


Membrane shoes are best for rainy days as these prevent moisture from getting inside the shoe. If outside is warm and dry, it is better not to run in membrane shoes – it will be hot for your feet.

Important Note: It is not recommended to run on asphalt using the sneakers for rough terrain. sneakers for rough terrain. The rubber of the sole in the trail shoes is softer, so it will quickly erase on a solid relief.

Criteria #3. Pronation Type

Shoes wear out differently for different people. For some, shoes wear out more from the inside of the foot, while for others, on the contrary, from the outside. The reason for this is the different types of pronation.

Pronation determines which part of the foot primarily lands during movement. How strong the natural shock absorption of the foot is, which reduces the shock load during running – it all depends on the type of pronation. 

There are three types of pronation: neutral, hyper pronation and supination (hypo pronation).


Best Sports Shoes For Men


Obviously, the norm is neutral pronation – an even distribution of the load on the foot. Special shoes, in this case, are not required: there is usually no discomfort while running. It is enough to have an easy stabilization (solid material on the inside of the sole) in the sneakers.

With hyper pronation, the foot turns inward while walking and running. The load goes to the inner portion of the foot.

In this position, the ligaments are stretched, and natural depreciation suffers. Often hyper pronation is a satellite of flat feet. Excessed pronation runners need high-stability running shoes.

With hypo pronation, the foot does not have sufficient deflection and does not allow moving the body weight to the inner arch. The main load falls on the outside.

For people with insufficient pronation, shoes with high cushioning are required. The outsole is distinguished by a thick outsole and the midsole is of uniform density.

Rigid elements on the inside of the sole with hypo pronation are not needed.

Criteria #4. Seasonality

For hot weather, choose models with good ventilation. When it is cold, best will do sneakers with a combination of a membrane and insulation. It enhances protection against cold and wind and keeps heat longer.

Important Note: The membrane protects against rain spray, but if water gets inside the shoe, it will remain there. Therefore, avoid running in membrane shoes through deep puddles, streams, snowdrifts or protect your feet with special waterproof leggings.

If you feel all right running outside in wet weather, choose models with dirt and moisture resistant top impregnation. Sneakers with metal spikes provide maximum grip and stability on the ice surface.

Criteria #5. Sneakers Size

Running shoes should keep well the foot, at the same time, leaving free space for the toe area. It is worth focusing on your sensations. The movements should not be limited; at the same time, the foot does not “hang out”, but is confidently fixed.

The size range of different manufacturers may vary. In order not to get confused, it is better to focus on the length of your foot.

How you can measure the length of your foot? Well, it is pretty easy!

Take a sheet of white paper and stand barefoot on it and circle the feet with a pencil. Measure the length of each foot according to the prints.

If the prints turn out to be slightly different in length, select a larger value and round up to 5 mm in a larger direction. For a precise stroke, the pencil should be held close to the skin and point the tip to the feet.

You can always use the size obtained in this way will when choosing both running sneakers and other types of shoes.

If you liked the sneakers, but they do not fit your type of pronation, you can always adjust the support of the foot with anatomical insoles. You can order individual insoles exactly for the type of foot.

Note: Pay Attention to Jogging Socks

Running sneakers work best with special jogging socks. They are made of synthetic materials, sometimes with the addition of wool for warming purposes. 


Best Sports Shoes For Men


Jogging socks help to more reliably fix the leg, provide thermoregulation and ventilation; help to remove moisture and prevent rubbing and calluses. 

Some models have reinforced zones for additional protection of individual parts of the foot. Running socks can be high or low, and often times have antibacterial impregnation.

Take a look at the running shoes below and you will definitely find a pair that you are looking for.

1. Under Armour Men’s Charged Intake 3 Running Shoe


If you are looking for a pair of running shoes that will provide flexibility, cushioning and versatility, this Under Armour running shoes may be a great option.

They feature innovative UA SpeedForm construction molds to the foot that provide a precision fit, which means eliminating all distractions for you during your exercise.

Under Armour running shoes are breathable, and the lightweight spacer mesh upper delivers complete comfort which is so important for your workouts.

Equipped with an external heel counter that provides even extra support and locks in the back of your foot so you can be sure your foot will not slip away at the very responsible moment.

In addition, these pair of sneakers have molded, cushioned ankle and heel collar for added comfort and support. You can experience even more added cushioning, support and seamless comfort due to removable sock liner.

If you are wondering whether these sneakers are capable to serve you a long period of time, then you may want to know that they use a compressed foam for even greater responsiveness and durability, providing optimal cushioning and energy return.

Blown rubber outsole with carbon rubber heel is light-weight but also incredibly durable. High-abrasion rubber placed under the heel to help absorb ground contact, letting you enjoy your workouts on hard surfaces. 

The color combination is eye-catching and you have plenty of choices within 10 different stylish colors.

I personally haven’t found any downsides in these pair of running sneakers, the reason why it is spot #1 in my review. Click the link below if you want to take a closer look at these Under Armour running shoes and see what other customers are saying about this product:




2. ASICS Men’s GT-2000 7 Running Shoes


If you are an avid runner, most probably you want a pair of running shoes that are able to go with you as far as you want to run. These ASICS Men’s GT-2000 7 running shoes were built to withstand big mile runs, providing guidance and comfort each step of your way.

At the GT-2000 7 running shoe, you will find a bunch of advanced footwear technologies. For example, the FlyteFoam technology makes these pair of sneakers lightweight and comfy, allowing the shoe to snap back to its original state after every single use.

Meanwhile, Dynamic Duomax technology brings together two different density midsole materials for smooth overpronation control by imparting essential firmness to the midsole and arch.

So, if you have hyper pronation and your feet tend to roll inwards, you can rest assured that the ASICS Men’s GT-2000 7 running shoe will help you to minimize injury.

If you are wondering whether this pair of running shoes will serve you enough time, then please note that the molded Ahar rubber brings a tough quality to the shoe, protecting the heavy contact areas of the outsole to reduce excessive wear.

Gel technology has been strategically placed to the forefoot and rear, providing high-density shock absorption and a comfortable fit.

On top of that, Guidance Line technology also enhances gait efficiency for overall better performance. Being designed in 12 stylish colors, these ASICS Men’s GT-2000 7 running shoes are able to suit anyone’s taste.

With so many advanced technologies used in the building of this pair of running shoes, there is no way for them to perform well. And the price is quite affordable.

Click the link below if you want to take a closer look at these running shoes and learn from other customers’ experience with this product:



3. New Balance Men’s 1080v9 Fresh Foam Running Shoe


This New Balance Men’s 1080v9 running shoe is both stylish and comfy. Being presented in a premium double jacquard upper, they deliver unmatched comfort, due to a full-length fresh foam midsole.

This pair of running shoes are labeled “Neutral” so they not helping any under or overpronation.

Still, this is a very firm pair of shoes. They have an 8 mm drop and are perfect for every day run on rough terrain.

This New Balance Men’s 1080v9 running shoes are both extremely cushioned and supportive at the same time. If you have wide feet, you will notice how the mesh upper will stretch after the first day of wearing to feel very comfortable.

Should I mention that you have plenty of options to choose from 7 different stylish colors that the manufacturer has prepared for you?

If you want to take a closer look at this pair of running shoes, click the link below and also be sure to check out what other customers are saying about this product:




Pricey Shoes are Always Better Quality than Cheap Ones?

If we talk about which sneakers can be considered the best, then we are unlikely to get a definite answer. Most people believe that the quality of sports shoes is often determined by the manufacturer, but this is not always the case.

Choose sneakers for specific quality indicators, because sometimes even the cheapest sports shoes can be quite high quality, and expensive may not be suitable for sports activities.

For sports, the same as for daily wear, it is worth buying comfortable and suitable shoes. In this way, your workouts will bring you not only benefits but also you will experience a lot of pleasure and will be more tempted to continue your training.

To conclude, I want to say that the gear will not make you fitter. To correctly choose a pair of sneakers for your tough weight lifting workouts, it is not necessary to bet on trendy looks, because the brand does not mean reliability yet.

The main important thing is to learn to distinguish between shoes for athletics (like running or jogging) and shoes for weight lifting workouts.

And the only thing that will make you fitter is YOU. Working hard, day after day.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my review of the best sports shoes for men and now you can buy one for yourself with more confidence.

If you liked this article and think it might be useful for someone else too, please share it with your friends and family via social channels. 

Please, feel free to drop a comment below if you have a question or you would like to share your experience in wearing the sports shoes that I have included in my review. 

All the Best,

Ionut Voicu 


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