Steroids in Bodybuilding – A Danger for Life


Drugs is a very big issue in any kind of sports, whether it is cycling, power lifting, or even chess. Chess players take specific drugs that stimulate their brain activity. 90% of professional bodybuilders are taking steroids for their beneficial effects on muscle growth. They are ready to spent tons of money just to have that body shape, after which everybody on the street would turn their necks.

Many people, especially young, take steroids because they desperately want to become big and strong as fast as possible. They simply don’t have enough patience to achieve the desired body condition in other way as it seems too hard for them and too much time-consuming. Very few of them acknowledge what steroids actually do to their bodies and how dangerous are the side effects of steroids.

In this post, I am going to talk about steroids in bodybuilding, their pros and cons and I hope you will make a good decision for yourself on that basis.

What is Anabolic Steroid

Anabolic-androgenic steroids or anabolic steroids are those used by athletes to increase their performance. They are similar to the main male hormone – testosterone. You definitely know that this hormone is naturally produced by the human body.

Anabolic steroids are synthetic hormones that increase the body’s ability to produce muscle tissue. Mainly, all anabolic and androgenic steroids are synthetic copies of the main male hormone, testosterone.

Steroids are drugs that have been used for a variety of purposes since the 1930s. Doctors recommend using steroids to stimulate bone marrow, to treat sexual identity disorders, to stimulate puberty in men.

They can also be used as hormone replacement agents, especially for older men and as a contraceptive method for men. Steroids have an extremely important role in musculature rehabilitation. They are used by doctors to help patients who have suffered serious injuries or are in coma.

The Poison Behind The Body of Zeus

Although nowadays, steroids are legally allowed to use only in medicine purposes, they still can be easily purchased in gyms or on the internet.

Steroids have apparently beneficial effects that are manifested by increased level of energy, increased muscle mass and height. People do not feel muscle soreness after workout. They are able to lift much more weights than usually. These are the main reasons why many people tend to take steroids independently, without medical prescription.

In these cases, steroids have numerous negative effects that could do a lot of harm to human organism. Steroids may cause enlarged breasts in men, excessive hair loss, acne, infertility, shrinking of testicles, lower sperm count, hair growth on face and body, etc. Steroids-In-BodybuildingHere is a picture that is showing how breasts can enlarge in men after using steroids. This is looking really disgusting !

Neither women that are concerned with physical tone will be relieved of the complications of steroid administration. Breast reduction, hair growth where it shouldn’t be, menstruation and libido disorders, stretch marks, clitoral enlargement, acne and thickening of the voice are the most common side effects.

Usually, steroids are taken in cycles that may last between 8 and 16 weeks, depending on the level of body condition (beginner or advanced). What typically happens is that beneficial effects are seen during the cycle.

When the cycle is over, it is time for a break and this is the time when people experience negative effects. This is called “interruption syndrome”.

One of the most common manifestations of interruption syndrome is depression. There were even situations in which young people have committed suicide after stopping using steroids.

Other symptoms are fatigue, nervousness, irritability, loss of appetite, insomnia and reduced libido. These effects can last for a long time, up to a year.

Steroids can cause addiction. Once started, people will continue to consume steroids, despite the negative effects the substance has on the body. More than that, several studies have found that some steroid users tend to start to use other types of drugs, to reduce irritability and sleep problems caused by steroids.

Steroids in Worlds Competitions Steroids-In-Bodybuilding

At some point, bodybuilders went crazy about including steroids into their regimen. Arnold Schwarzenegger has admitted himself that he was taking steroids. Everybody in the bodybuilding sport were taking them and that was a normal situation.

Studies have indicated that more than half of the male bodybuilders participating in world’s competitions, were using steroids on a regular basis, compared to 10% of the female competitors. In consequence, The World Anti-Doping Agency included steroids on the list of prohibited substances in sports competitions.

But even with this prohibition, bodybuilders continue to use steroids under strict motorization of trusted physicians, so that tests wouldn’t show the presence of steroid substances in the blood. They have their tricks that in some way make tests to show normal indicators. This indicates that even nowadays, the use of steroids continues to be a major problem that needs a closer look for a viable solution.

Legal Steroids. Are They Really an Alternative ?

Steroids market is a very profitable one, that sums up billions of dollars every year and it is constantly increasing. Due to the fact that the use of steroids is forbidden, the marketers have designed another form of steroids. They call it Legal Anabolic Steroids (LAS) and claim that it mimics the same muscle building capabilities, without having side effects.

Whether this is true or not, one thing is clear: they are still adding hormones to your body. As long as you take them, you see your body is growing constantly. When you stop using them, you will see that you lose all that you have gained in the past period.

Remember, when guys come off steroids, their muscles shrink. Steroids simply don’t have the ability to maintain the muscle mass, unless they are taking permanently.

After some time of using steroids, the human body, although very strong, doesn’t anymore produce testosterone. Therefore, you will have to make injections for the rest of your life.

Make a Pro Health Decision

In all the beliefs and cultures of mankind is said that everything has its price. Sometimes smaller, other times bigger, but it is always in place.

It is also true when it comes to decide whether to use steroids or not. If your decision will be positive, you are going to waste a lot of money for a dream that may become true for only a limited period of time. It will follow with health risks and, God forbid, doctors appointments.

I strongly encourage you to take your thoughts from steroids idea once and forever. Don’t fall into this trap! Yes, walking the natural path of bodybuilding may seem hard, difficult and time-consuming, but, believe me, it is worth it in the long-run! If you make a constant training your life-style, you will be able to keep your results for a long period of time.

I hope you enjoyed reading about steroids in bodybuilding and this information will help you to make the right decision ! If you have any questions, I am waiting for you in the comments section.




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