Testosterone in Bodybuilding: the Importance for Men&Women


Today I want to discuss the importance of Testosterone in bodybuilding for both men and women.

A lot of things in a bodybuilder, (or in every man), like a lifestyle, social behavior, aggressiveness, depending on the level (concentration) of testosterone in the blood.

We all know that Testosterone is the main male hormone. Testosterone occurs in the body of both men and women but in different quantities.

Women should be extremely careful with increasing testosterone levels, as this kind of increase can lead to irreversible consequences.

It is Testosterone that has a great influence on the formation of male sexual characteristics (genitals, low timbre of voice, body structure, etc.).

Not only the physical form but also the general state of health, sexual life, etc., depends on the quantity and regularity of its production.

What Functions Testosterone Performs?

Any self-respecting man, and even more than that, an athlete who is engaged in bodybuilding, must know what functions in the body Testosterone performs.

Testosterone in Bodybuilding


In the initial stages of the formation of the body and in the future, it forms mental and behavioral signs of a male type.

It enhances sexual desire, increases skin thickness, stimulates protein synthesis, increases metabolic rate, strengthens the skeletal system, promotes the accumulation of Calcium in bones, increases the activity of sweat glands, increases the number of red blood cells and the total blood volume in the body.

This hormone performs so many biochemical functions in the body that without it, it would be simply impossible to talk about full-fledged physical development.

The predominant effect of Testosterone on the body is the growth of muscles and bones, however, both of these effects occur only with increased physical exertion/training.

The Consequences of Low Testosterone Levels in the Male Body

Testosterone in BodybuildingAs well as the presence of Testosterone in the body has its own specific indicators, its deficiency can be tracked by appropriate signs.

First of all, this is a decrease in mood, a decrease in the concentration of attention, the development of insomnia, increased irritability and, as a consequence, depression.

On the face and body, hair growth decreases, muscle mass decreases, and on the other hand, skin dryness increases, sex drive decreases, erectile dysfunction occurs and then infertility occurs.Testosterone in Bodybuilding

Also, a decrease in testosterone production in the body is characterized by increased sweating, increased bone fragility, the appearance of fatty deposits in the abdomen and, in general, worsening well-being and a decrease in interest in life.

In medical practice, lowering testosterone levels is called hypogonadism.

Reasons Why Low Testosterone Levels Occur

There are a few reasons why a man may develop this phenomenon. First of all, this is a sedentary lifestyle, because of which the body loses its incentive for the secretion of testosterone.

An equally important role in this process is played by bad eating habits, which at the chemical level both inhibits the secretion of new hormones and reduces the effectiveness of those that are already present in the blood.

Stress and nervous disorders also lead to a decrease in testosterone production, since the stress hormone cortisol inhibits the production of testosterone.

After all, one of the main factors is age. After 30 years, in men every year, the level of Testosterone secretion inevitably drops by 1-2%.

Testosterone in Bodybuilding

It is equally important to touch on a topic such as trauma or illness, which also leads to a decrease in testosterone secretion.

Such diseases include diabetes mellitus, lung diseases, including bronchial asthma, arterial hypertension, coronary heart disease, cirrhosis, atherosclerosis, and obesity. This also includes chronic alcoholism.

As for bodybuilding specifically, heavy physical exertion can also cause a decrease in testosterone secretion, so if you experience the signs, sensations or diseases described above, I would suggest consulting a doctor and pass the appropriate tests.

Why Testosterone is so Important for Bodybuilding Purposes?

In bodybuilding, Testosterone is valued, above all, for its ability to act on muscles.

The mechanism of its action is as follows. Testosterone, binding to receptors, acts directly on the nuclei of muscle cells, thereby accelerating protein synthesis by the nuclei.

Thus, it turns out that this hormone accelerates protein synthesis in the muscles. As you know, protein is the building block of our muscles.Testosterone in Bodybuilding

The reason bodybuilders consume protein foods in large quantities is that the protein in its composition helps build muscle.

And since Testosterone accelerates protein synthesis, it helps build that muscle even faster.

This is why testosterone in bodybuilding is so important. Also, this hormone has a positive effect on the entire training process as a whole.

The main thing that this hormone gives the athlete is an increase in muscle mass, which, of course, also requires maintaining an appropriate diet.

Another positive effect is an increase in strength indicators, which is a consequence of an increase in muscle mass.

Finally, the third important advantage is the acceleration of recovery between workouts, which is made possible by the activation of Testosterone protein synthesis.

In other words, the more testosterone in the body, the faster the muscle fibers damaged during training are restored.

For this reason, many athletes seek to increase its concentration in the body.

However, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the concentration of testosterone in the body is not a constant value.

A high level of this hormone is observed precisely in the morning hours and throughout the day its concentration gradually decreases.Testosterone in Bodybuilding

Nevertheless, in addition to the fact that the body by its nature produces more Testosterone in the morning, the level of physical activity also affects its concentration.

That is, during training, the level of Testosterone in the body rises, and after its completion, it again returns to normal.

The amount of hormone produced is influenced by factors such as the number of muscles involved in the work, as well as the regularity, duration, and intensity of the workout.

Testosterone in Women

As I said at the beginning, Testosterone is produced not only in the men’s body but also in women.

Testosterone in the female body performs the following functions.

It contributes to the development of the follicle in the ovaries, participates in the formation of bone and muscle tissue, normalizes bone marrow and sebaceous glands, and is also responsible for mood.

If the level of testosterone in the female body exceeds the norm, this leads to the manifestation of male features in the appearance.Testosterone in Bodybuilding

Facial features are roughened, cheekbones stand out, the voice is roughened, excessive hair grows on the body and face – these are to name just a few of the manifestations.

An increase in testosterone in a woman can be determined either genetically or could be the cause of steroid use. An increase in the concentration of this hormone in the female body, unlike the male one, is undesirable, as it leads to many irreversible consequences.

The risk of complications during childbirth increases, the process of bearing the fetus is disrupted, there is a complete absence of ovulation, as well as a complete cessation of menstruation, ovarian function is suppressed and infertility occurs.

In turn, the low level of testosterone in the female body leads to other, unpleasant, but completely reversible consequences.

This is the lack of orgasm, loss of sex drive, high irritability, a constant feeling of lethargy, a feeling of loss of strength and a decrease in muscle mass.

Luckily, the return of the level of testosterone back to normal could be easily achieved by some simple steps that I will be discussing in my future posts.

For women practicing strength training, testosterone is essential for building muscle. It is responsible for accelerating protein synthesis, and therefore, for the speed of achieving results.

In amateur bodybuilding, women rarely resort to a deliberate increase in testosterone levels in the body, but in competitive bodybuilding, it is difficult to achieve results without it.

As we already found out a little earlier, an increase in the concentration of the male hormone in the female body leads to a number of irreversible consequences. 

It is for this reason that female competitive bodybuilding is constantly criticized, and at the level of almost all federations, it is constantly regulated.

The purpose of the competition is to popularize this sport. But can we talk about the popularization of female bodybuilding in the case when a woman looks like a man?

In my opinion, absolutely not.Testosterone in Bodybuilding

Therefore, women’s competitions are less and less focused on muscle mass and more and more attention is paid to feminine figures and shapes, a flat stomach, rounded buttocks and as little manifestation of the relief and muscles.

To sum all this up, if a girl does not plan to compete, she can achieve a good result without having to take certain steps for increasing the level of testosterone in the body.

The Bottom Line

Since the main goal of bodybuilding is to build muscle, and testosterone accelerates this process at times, accordingly, its role in this sport will always be incredibly great.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article about Testosterone in bodybuilding.

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If you have any questions or thoughts about the above aspects, or you have something to add or share your story, please leave them in the comments section below and I will get back to you asap.

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