Working Out Your Body Type – Work Hard, but Smart

Believe me, if you really want to have a body that is worth being placed on the first page of bodybuilding magazines, the whole work that needs to be done until you get this body condition shouldn’t be that hard for you. All you need is to be dedicated and committed to work hard in the long-run towards accomplishment of your goal.

At the same time, if you are just getting started, you really need a helping hand that can indicate you the right direction. Because, as in many other fields, there are some secrets and hidden stones and if you are aware of them, your chances for success increase considerably.

First of all, you have to understand what type of body you have. When you are done with that, you will have to adjust your training program and your diet plan respectively.

In today’s post I am going to tell you that all people on this planet are divided into three major types of body: Ectomorph, Endomorph and Mesomorph. Working out YOUR body type, and not of the neighbor’s 🙂 – is so much important !


Ectomorphs are usually more thin, their shoulders are not very wide and they may find more difficult to accumulate muscle mass. They have a rapid metabolism and they have to eat a lot of calories in order to grow in muscles.

The most visible signs that indicate towards an Ectomorph are: thin construction, thin ankles and wrists, narrow hips


and shoulders, long hands and legs, low fat, elongated muscles and very fast metabolism. Ectomorph-Working-Out-Your-Body-Type

Ectomorph’s diet will be permissive because with a rapid metabolism, they will not easily attract extra kilograms. On the other hand, if muscle mass accumulation is desired, the number of calories should be drastically increased.

Thus, meals will be more often and even bigger in terms of quantity. It is also recommended having a meal before bedtime to prevent catabolism overnight.

To your information, muscle catabolism is the process by which muscle proteins are broken down, amino acids are being directed to other organs and systems. It is the nightmare of all bodybuilders.

The exercises an Ectomorph will benefit from are short and focused on large muscle groups. Thus, squats and composite exercises (including the recruitment of several muscle groups) will become the basis of each workout.

The main supplements that an Ectomorph will need will be calories such as: weight gainers, protein powders prepared with bananas, whole milk, peanut butter. Also, creatine, multivitamins and fish oil will be useful in muscular mass buildup.


Endomorphs are those who have a more obvious adipose tissue since their youth. Bone skeleton is a very solid one, with wrists and thick legs, shorter limbs and well-developed muscles, especially in the lower part. These are visible signs describing an Endomorph.

Endomorph is the person who has a solid and slightly overweight body construction. Endomorph-Working-Out-Your-Body-Type

How do you know if you are an Endomorph or not ? The distinctive signs of the Endomorph are slow metabolism and a continued appetite for food. Fat tissue that covers muscle mass and weight loss problems. Having a broad and solid skeleton, in combination with the other factors mentioned, the Endomorphs are the opposite of the Ectomorphs.

Because this somatic type is more unfortunate than the other two, the diet gains a lot of importance. Calories must be controlled, avoiding: sweets, processed foods and fast food. The diet should be taken seriously as Endomorphs will have problems in lowering body fat.

A ketogenic or low-carb diet may be an ideal long-term solution. Including many vegetables in the diet and moisturizing permanently are the two important things to keep in mind.

In terms of Endomorphic workouts, cardiovascular exercises will be very important in lowering the adipose layer. In addition to weight training, it is recommended to implement cardio sessions as often as possible. Exercises for developing resistance will complement the aerobic exercises very well, and it is ideal to combine the two exercises at each training session.

Supplements will not be so necessary for this type of somatic as long as the required protein intake is reached. From the point of view of health, fish oil and multivitamins are recommended, along with a fiber supplementation, which will help suppress appetite and digestion.


Mesomorph is that person with a solid and athletic construction of the body.Mesomorph-Working-Out-Your-Body-Type

The distinctive signs of a Mesomorph are the rectangular shape of the body, athletic constitution, well-defined muscles, and the ability to easily grow in muscle mass. The skeleton is solid with shoulders wider than waist.

Intake of food of a Mesomorph must be healthy and moderate in calories because it will accumulate fat and muscle mass quite easily. Thus, an equilibrated diet is recommended according to the daily exercise level. By manipulating the calories, the body will respond with ease, making it an ideal somatic type for bodybuilding or fitness.

From the point of view of training, Mesomorphs will respond very well to weight training. Having a solid training program with complex exercises and a number of medium repeats, the results will not be delayed. In order to create symmetry in the body, it is recommended to use isolation exercises, but they will not be necessarily the basis of the training.

By gaining extra kilograms with ease, it’s important to include several cardio sessions a week to keep the muscles tense up as they grow.

Not requiring a high caloric intake, essential supplements in the repertoire of a mesomorph will be: whey protein powder, multivitamins, fish oil, creatine. If the fat loss is being pursued, they will also benefit from BCAA (Branch-chained-amino-acids) consumption during exercise, to maintain muscle mass along the diet.

Combination of The Somatic Types

Now that you know the differences between the three somatic types and how you can find out which category you fit in, you might not find all the answers in one category. The answer to your doubts comes in the following, because I am also going to talk about the possibility of fitting a body into two somatic types.

Ectomorph and Mesomorph

Being more common than pure Ectomorphs, the combination of Ectomorph and Mesomorph is one in which individuals will excel in endurance sports. Due to the thin and long bone, low fat content, they will look like Ectomorphs, but they will find that by training, muscle mass accumulates quite easily.

Thus, they will benefit from a rapid metabolism in maintaining a low level of fat but will be able to accumulate the muscle mass relatively easily until a deadlock occurs. This might be overcome by training based on compound exercises and relatively few repetitions.

Mesomorph and Endomorph

Being perhaps the strongest among all individuals, they will have a more pronounced adipose tissue, but due to round shapes and a pronounced muscle mass, they will have an impressive physique in size.

The muscle mass will come easily and the fat loss will be done by respecting a diet that measures calories rigorously. Having a smaller waist than that of pure endomorphs (often the main difference between the two somatic types), by training, the body will get athletic shapes as long as the fat that covers the muscles is kept under control.

Strong and Well-defined Body is Real for All the Somatic Types

Regardless of the somatic type you belong to, it is important to keep in mind that each of us is unique. Thus, through a proper diet and an optimized workout, the road to an ideal body is considerably shortened. Although some somatic types such as Mesomorphs are advantageous when it comes to body aesthetics, if you are an Ectomorph or an Endomorph, don’t despair!

The only thing that differs between the three somatic types is how to approach diet and exercise. By trying multiple types of working out your body type, you can find out which provides the best results.

Adding a nutrition plan that is easy to follow and effective, the body will gain a beautiful and athletic shape, whether you are an Ectomorph or an Endomorph. Each somatic type has advantages and disadvantages, it is necessary to accept the disadvantages and to combat them through training, nutrition and supplementation.

Have you found yourself in these descriptions ? Are you Ectomorph, Endomorph or Mezomorph ? Do you have any difficulties in shaping your body and growing muscle mass ?

Let me know in the comments !


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  1. This was the most comprehensive article I had read about the different body types. It can be so frustrating when people tell you to just try this kind of exercise or eat that kind of diet- because that’s worked for them. Thank you for clarifying the differences and giving understandable examples!

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