Zoe Bray-Cotton Yoga Burn Reviews – The Truth Exposed!

There is a lot of buzz around Zoe Bray-Cotton Yoga Burn Reviews nowadays and I have seen a lot of people are wondering if it worths buying or not.

So I have decided to fully research this topic to give you my best honest and unbiased opinion about this yoga program.

If you make it till the end of this post, you’ll be able to make your own decision if this is the right program for you or not.

So, let’s not waste any more time, and dive into the facts and details right now!

Yoga Burn Challenge Overview

Product NameYoga Burn Challenge
TypeYoga Program
Yoga Burn Official Websitehttps://yogaburnchallenge.com
CreatorZoe Bray-Cotton
PriceCheck Here
TrainYourBodyWithVoicu.com Rating9,5 out of 10

What is Yoga Burn Challenge?

Yoga Burn Challenge is a super simple 12-week yoga program you can do from the comfort of your own home.

It was designed by Zoe Bray-Cotton to shape and tone your body, destress and relieve tension, manage your weight, gain flexibility, boost immunity, and overall, just be a happier, healthier and more vibrant person.

Zoe Bray-Cotton Yoga Burn Reviews - The Product

Yoga Burn Challenge can help you boost metabolism, tighten and flattening your stomach, all while shaping and toning your whole body and delivering the all-coveted yoga booty.

This super easy to follow Yoga Challenge can also help you get into great shape while allowing you to finally experience the incredible feel-good energy, stress-relieving, and health benefits true toga can deliver.

Who Is Zoe Bray-Cotton?

Zoe is a lovely beautiful lady living in Canada, she is an internationally certified yoga instructor, personal trainer, and female body transformation specialist.

Zoe has been a Yoga Teacher for a long time now and since she is lucky enough to travel quite often, her regular Yoga students would always say that Zoe should record her Yoga classes for them to do while she is away.

Zoe Bray-Cotton Yoga Burn Reviews - Zoe Bray-Cotton, the Creator

So, once Zoe got enough requests, she decided to start planning out the Yoga Program.

Zoe witnesses that she wanted it to be a very specific, helpful, and progressive Yoga Program that would assist women in shaping up their body and mind without adding some additional pressure to their already busy lives.

If you want to meet Zoe, here’s a quick Youtube video where she talks about a Fat Burning HIIT based on Yoga:

How Does Yoga Burn Challenge Work?

The whole Yoga Burn Program is based on what’s referred to as Dynamic Sequencing. Let me quickly explain to you what’s that term.

Dynamic Sequencing simply means the way in which this program is showing you how to congruously perform each movement.

And then, when you master the movements, it continues to adapt and increase the intensity of the challenge at the exact moment when your body starts to get used to your new yoga routine.

Zoe Bray-Cotton Yoga Burn Reviews - Zoe Bray-Cotton Will Help You Transform Your Body

This process makes your body change and adapt, and this, in turn, helps you build a shapely, sexy, and feminine body. I’m sure it helps you not only look better but feel better overall too!

Yoga Burn Challenge is a  unique program and it consists of 3 phases that walk you through a number of different video tutorials. The videos are laid out in a way that will keep your body and mind guessing all the time. It’s necessary to ensure that you don’t get bored with your journey or hit a plateau.

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The greatest part is that this Yoga Burn Challenge can be done on your own schedule, anytime, and anywhere. Each video is 45 minutes long and it’s recommended to complete three sessions a week, with the option to complete a bonus video lesson which is also provided.

You are encouraged to fit the bonus video in if you can find the time, as this additional bonus video is made to improve your mood thus increasing your emotional well-being, strengthen your self-confidence, and contribute to overall happiness.

I believe confidence and happiness are two of the most attractive attributes a woman can possess, and I’m sure you’ll agree with me. I’ll talk in more detail about Yoga Burn’s 3 phases in the next section of this post.

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What’s Inside Yoga Burn Challenge?

Here’s what you’ll get access to if you decide that you want to go with this Yoga Burn Challenge:

Phase 1 – Foundational Flow
The first phase is called the Foundational Flow because that is exactly what it’s focused on: Building a Solid Yoga Foundation.

During the first 4 weeks, you’ll be learning how to establish the foundation of strong yoga practice. This is all about starting to shape long, lean muscles, all while having a lot of fun!

Zoe Bray-Cotton Yoga Burn Reviews - Phase 1 and 2

If you are wondering what level should you have in order to benefit from this program, please note that both beginners, as well as advanced yoga students, can and will win from this unique set of sequences.

In this phase, you will get familiar with important aspects related to proper form execution and building a strong connection between mind and body.

In this way, you will call on the muscles you need once you move into the more challenging videos. I should say that this initial foundation is the key to progressing through the next 2 phases safely and effectively for your body.

Phase 2 – Transitional Flow
Moving forward, Phase 2 is designed to teach you how to synthesize the moves you’ve learned in Phase 1. This is done in a smooth flow that will allow you to burn more calories and get that heart rate up.

By this Phase, you will be more comfortable with performing basic yoga moves, and you’ll also mix them up to keep your body guessing in order to force it to adapt and change to allow those positive shape changes.

Each video in this stage focuses on large muscle groups. The 3 workout videos target Upper Body, Lower Body, and Core.

During this phase, you’ll work on transitions from one pose to the next. Zoe shares that learning how to interlink poses together feels awesome and really good and it makes you concentrate on the present moment rather than allowing the mind time to wander. As a result, it’s working like a magic moving meditation.

Phase 3 – Mastery Flow
This is the time when things get really hot for you and your body!

In this phase, you’ll combine all that you have learned from the previous 2 Phases into a flaming hot sequence that is dedicated to fire up your metabolism and make your body transform and change in ways you may have never thought is possible with yoga.

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You’ll notice that the layout of each video is slightly different than in the past videos. The difference is that there is more repetition of each pose and movement to really encourage the desired muscle to fatigue.

Zoe Bray-Cotton Yoga Burn Reviews - Phase 3 and Bonus

More than that, you will be taken through a mix of upper and lower body compound movements. These are intended to get the most done in the shortest amount of time, and the muscles that are going to be targeted will help give your body that attractive sandglass shape.

All in all, this last phase is designed to properly spice things up, reenergize and reinvigorate your mental focus, all while maximizing your weight loss results at the full potential.

How Much Does Yoga Burn Challenge Cost?

For only $37, you get access Instant access to download Yoga Burn, plus receive the complete physical collection.

Please note that shipping and handling fees apply.

You can also get 2 copies for $57 in case if you want to buy Yoga Burn Challenge Program for yourself and make a gift to someone you love.

Zoe Bray-Cotton Yoga Burn Reviews - Pricing

Yoga Burn Challenge PROs and CONs

Things I Like About Yoga Burn Challenge

Suits All Levels

Like I have already said earlier in this post, it doesn’t matter you are a beginner or advanced yoga practitioner, there’s room for everybody to learn and grow with this program.

Money-back Guarantee

The great news is that this program comes with a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee for 60 full days from your original purchase.

In the case, you’re not totally and completely satisfied with this program, your results, or your experience, you are free to simply let the vendor know by calling their toll free number or dropping them an email and you will be issued a full refund, no questions asked.

Creator is Real

Zoe Bray-Cotton is the creator of the Yoga Burn Challenge Program and it’s actually the lady that appears in the program. Se is a real person that has been teaching yoga for a long time.

Zoe Bray-Cotton Yoga Burn Reviews - Learn from Zoe Bray-Cotton

So, this is not a random pen name as you may have seen in other different online programs and products (I have reviewed a lot of them here on my website and you can go through them in my Blog section).

That’s why I strongly believe that Yoga Burn Challenge is not a scam and is able to deliver the results it’s promising.

Things I Dislike About Yoga Burn Challenge

Available for Online Purchase Only

You can’t find Yoga Burn Challenge Program in your local book store, it could be purchased only online on Yoga Burn Challenge official website.

That’s kind of downside, in my opinion, because if for some reason, your internet gets disconnected, you are not able to get your Yoga Burn Challenge copy.

Final Thoughts

Yoga Burn Challenge is a one-of-a-kind Yoga program that gives very clear instructions on how to look and feel your best from anywhere you’d like: at home, on vacation, or even outdoors!

Zoe wanted this all to be accomplished without having women feel self-conscious, as so many of her students have expressed to her they do, in a regular class setting.

It can be difficult for some people to focus on their Yoga practice while seeing all sorts of other women in the same position, as we, humans, sadly tend to compare ourselves to other class participants.

And it’s a very well-known fact that when we have low confidence, we can be so very hard on ourselves which is always not a good thing for us.

I believe Zoe has managed to accomplish her goal very well, what do you think? Let me know in the comments!

I hope this blog post about Zoe Bray-Cotton Yoga Burn Reviews was a useful read for you.

If you have any more questions about Yoga Burn or any other related issue, please drop me a message in the comments section down below, and I’ll be more than happy to help you out!

Thank you for reading my blog, and until my next post!



Yoga Burn Challenge






Overall Quality



  • Suits All Levels
  • Made by Real Person
  • Money-back Guarantee


  • Available Online Only

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  1. This looks like a great course.

    Last year I was very ill and unable to walk or move very well due to being in critical care in hospital. I started yoga about month after being discharged and the practice changed my life. I was supposed to be off my feet for 12/18 months, but was back to full health within 4.

    I still implement yoga into my daily health routine, I wouldn’t be without it.

    Great post!


    • Hi, Adam,

      Thank you for your comment, your input is very much appreciated.

      I’m sorry to hear you had to go through that critical health condition but I’m happy you were able to overcome it with the help of yoga. Your progress sounds incredible!


  2. I have been in the market for a program to shape and tone my body especially after all the holiday eating. I love doing yoga and felt this yoga burn challenge would be amazing for me.

    I was extremely excited when I was reading the review it provided me with some great information on how exactly challenge works to what’s included in the program.

    I will definitely be taking a look into this and everyone else should too who is wanting to shape and tone their body.

    Awesome post.

    Thank you

  3. Hi Ionut,
    Thank you very much for this great article!

    I have been doing yoga for so many years, in classes and with a yoga app. Yoga is a great allrounder for the body and mind.

    Now I have stopped for quite a while and actually need urgent to start again. I combine yoga with walking and hiking, and I have made a great success for myself.

    I love to be outdoors, and yoga is something we can practice on a field or beach. It is such a great movement for our bodies. People don’t think that they can tone their muscles while stretching their bodies. Amazing!

    • Hi, Sylvia,

      Thank you for coming by and leaving your comment, it’s very much appreciated!

      I’m happy to see you are trying to stay as active as you can, you’re doing great, keep going!



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